Monday, August 27, 2012

Petmate Curvations Pet retreat carrier Review

A stylish and convenient way to take pets to and from vet appointments, grooming and more, the Pet Retreat features 360 degree ventilation and a machine-washable plush pad that provides a comfortable place for four-legged travelers to rest and view the scenery around them. Available in fashionable designs and perfect for stylish dogs (or cats) up to 10 pounds.

They come in different patterns, all of which are ADORABLE!!!

 MAJOR BONUS, they collapse down almost flat! Great for storage!

Here's Libby and Titan checking it out.

Libby has no problem getting into this carrier. We have to put her in it while we vacuum, sweep or mop because she turns into a wild cat otherwise! We seriously cannot get anything done with her attacking the broom or mop! lol. She gets in there and goes to sleep, so she must really like it!

I like that it's really lightweight, but still sturdy. No worries about the sides collapsing in on Libby. She feels safe and sound in her carrier (and oh so stylish!)

This carrier is Libby approved!!!

You can find this carrier at most major pet stores. 




Alpharetta, GA 

 Alfie is a very handsome white standard poodle boy who is about 8 years old. He is a bit shy at first and will actually hide behind something when meeting new people but he soon comes out of his shyness once he senses it is okay. He loves to hang outside and check things out and will follow you and gently nudge you to get your attention. His owner fell ill and had to go into assisted living which doesn't allow dogs. Alfie had a large fatty tumor on the side of his body when he came to us. We have used an at home internal remedy for this and it is almost totally gone! Wont you find it in your heart to give Alfie a wonderful home that he deserves?


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