Friday, August 10, 2012

K. Grant Designs Giveaway



I am a crazy cat lady who started out making toys as gifts for my friends. One thing has led to another and now I make toys for everyone! My goal in life it to make as many kitties happy (and goofy) as possible.

Each toy is handmade and designed by l'il ole me. I use nothing but the best quality materials both inside and out. I use only natural, pesticide-free cat nip that is highly potent - most kitties can smell it right through the packaging.

Speaking of the packaging, I have designed simple and amusing packaging/labels that complement each toy theme. They also make a great container for "recharging" the toys and keeping them at their nippiest!


These cat toys are adorable! The attention to detail is amazing. The packaging is what gets me! It's so clever!

Take a look at these Fortune Cookie Catnip Cookies that K. Grant Designs sent Libby to play with!

They are almost too cute to take out of the package! Libby actually LOVES to play with the package too!

What's this?

I can haz the box, too!?


As you can see, Libby approves! lol! She loves those fortune cookies! She will "steal" one and carry it off into one of her cubbies. It's so funny watching her walking through the house with a fortune cookie in her mouth. I swear, sometimes I think she's a dog! 




Enter to win a Family size pack of Fortune Cookies for your kitty. Not only will you win, but your favorite shelter will get a Family Size pack of Fortune Cookies too!!

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Maine Coon/Persian Mix: An adoptable cat in Shawnee, KS 

Purrsia is one georgeous little girl! She came to Kitty City via Leavenworth at a very young age, but now she is old enough for adoption and is making her debut this Saturday! Purrsia is super social and will talk to you when she wants attention. When you pick her up, her motor just starts going and you can hear her purrs from across the room! She loves to play with her foster brothers and sisters, especially her littermate, Cinder. Purrsia's favorite toy is a soft ball. She will run through the house with one in her mouth playing keep-a-way from the other kittens. This kitty is just purrfect! Spend some time with her in one of our visitation rooms and see how great she is!!!
Purrsia's estimated birthdate is May 16, 2012, and her adoption fee is $135.00. Or adopt one, and the second is half off!  Two is even more fun than one! Purrsia is up to date on shots and worming, tested negative for Feline Leukemia and comes with a complimentary well exam with one of our participating vets.



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