Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Argo Pet Avion Carrier Giveaway!



You fly in style - why shouldn't your pampered pet?

TEAFCO Inc. established its headquarters in Southern California, USA in 2003, and since then TEAFCO has been dedicated to manufacturing the most innovative and high quality pet accessories around. With over 16 years of manufacturing experience in Travel Goods and Outdoor Goods Industry, TEAFCO offers a unique selection of affordable pet accessories for pet lovers looking for both style and utility in the same product. With its stylish and ergonomic design, TEAFCO offers the most cutting edge designs in pet accessories, while constantly breaking new grounds in the industry, generating nothing but the highest praise from industry professionals.

TEAFCO is dedicated to the design and production of pet accessories that are made especially for pets.


When I see the TEAFCO pet products, I see quality, detail and sleek design. They think of everything! Nothing is overlooked. Once you get your hands on one of these products, it's evident that time is spent on each and every design to make sure that it is not only going to work well for you, but your pet too.

The colors are awesome, too! I love the bright selection! 

You have to check out these luxury carriers!

 Check out the collars too!

How about these dog beds?


Here's what I reviewed-

Argo Pentagon- Tokyo pink -Medium

How easy and convenient it was to carry Libby into the vet with this carrier. It felt like a big tote. It's not overly cumbersome and it's very light. I was impressed! She's only 3.4 lbs...so, she has plenty of room in there. It says that it fits up to 15 lbs. I think this tote is wonderful, but I think the max I would feel comfortable with is 10 lbs. That's just my opinion.


They also carry this product at a ton of pet stores. There should be no trouble finding the perfect Teafco Carrier for you!


Tango Orange-Medium - $69 value

 Some Cool SPECS-

  • Airline approved
  • Holds up to 15 lbs
  • Top loading
  • Smart strap for seat belt to slide through

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Suri is a sweet and fuzzy little lynx point kitten with either Birman or Himalayan in her genes.  She has a gentle, ladylike nature and purrs when you pick her up.  She and her sister Susu are both good natured kittens and would love to go home together.  Do you have a home for both of them?
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