Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A blossoming life Giveaway!


From Amy's blog--

Thank you so much for coming by A Blossoming Life blog where I like to tell ya'll about all the crafts, frugal things, recipe, and just things about my crazy life! I am a 23 year old christian, newlywed, graduate student studying nutrition, crafter, homemaker in progress, and a girl following after God's heart! I am married to a wonderful man and although we don't have children yet, we do have a beautiful and mischievous husky named Kaia and a cute little noisy quaker parrot named Joey!

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I am on board for anything frugal. I extremely dislike using paper towels.
It's a waste. 
When I came across A Blossoming Life on Etsy, I really liked the idea of her reusable dishcloths.
Not only are they very cute, but it makes sense. It saves money, and you don't waste paper towels.
What makes this different than a regular kitchen towel?
Well, these are very well made with fabric and terry cloth or minky fabric.
They are very durable. They do great dusting, wiping up small messes, to washing dishes
and pots and pans. Throw them into the washer and they come out good as new.
These are like regular dish towels on steroids.

Oh, and did I mention they are cute?




 You can win a set of 4 washcloths!

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