Friday, December 29, 2006

Layout of the day at

I got layout of the day again at scrapjazz. How exciting! Check it out..the layout will only be on the front page for today. ;)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Look at this cutie patootie avatar!

Get one of your own here..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

With love page kit! SBB

With Love Page kit-SBB

Are you in love?? Or maybe you have some valentine pictures to scrap? This is perfect for any occasion, no Holiday needed! You will get 7 papers in 12x12, as well as a BONUS QUICK PAGE!!!!!! You will also get some vintage color rub ons...(which can also be purchased separately.) You will also get a ribbon, staple, buttons, beads, rose, glitter heart, glitter glass heart, swirls, label, frames, clip, gems, and punch label phrase.

With love Rub ons
Vintage color Valentine Rub ons... Also available in the With love page kit.

My resolutions..

My resolutions
You and me page kit-Michelle Underwood (SBB store)

LD Royal portable

My resolutions-
*get organized
*finish home improvement projects
*Love more-stress less

Sunday, December 24, 2006

..because I am bored..and a dork

New photos...because I am bored. I tried to be artistic..and I ended up looking! photo, and new celeb. look alikes...

I am so addicted to this site! lol! I am not sure that I like these results either. Since I am wearing glasses, it only shows matches of celebs that are wearing glasses too. Stupid. OH, and one of the look alikes was YOKO ONO! WTH! I left her off of my little!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

More layouts!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Making memories

Making memories page kit-Michelle Underwood SBB store
LD telegram
LD royal portable
journaling-Every day we are making new memories. I cherish each and every one.

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Thankful for you
background paper,star-Cheer me up page kit (SBB), papers,label, Beyond cool page kit (SBB),negetive frame,staple- You and me page kit-(SBB), gem, ribbon- Making memories page kit (SBB)
pea Saraloo
Pea Kristen
I captured this picture while we were having a Thanksgiving dinner with our whole family....when I see it, it reminds me that I am thankful to have you.

New LO- You and me

You and me
You and me page kit- SBB-Michelle Underwood
LD telegram

Friday, December 22, 2006

MAKING MEMORIES page kit- $6.00

7 papers in 12x12. You will also get a ribbon, ribbon tie, corner, frame, metal rimmed frames, metal rimmed tag, staple, metal bead, glitter accent, book label, screw, crown rub on, tape, corner, and an aged clip. YOU WILL ALSO GET A BONUS QUICK PAGE!!!!


New lo!! Treasured memories

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Treasured memories- Michelle Underwood
Treasured memories page kit- Available at Scrapwow, ACOT
font-Annie BTN

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New!! You and me page kit!


7 backgrounds, and a BONUS QUICK PAGE in 12x12. You will also get ric rac, tape measure, clip, photo turn, scalloped frame, negative frame, gems, pin, staple, sm. stitches, tag, tag ties, buttons, flower buttons, sequins, label, flowers, key rub on, journal strip, and grungy overlay! This kit is full!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


So...Danny goes to bed early, and I sit up with the boys....chatting with my mother on the phone. I get off the phone, and tell the kids to wrap it up and get ready for bed. Just then, the neighbor is beating down my door!! I was alarmed, and I went running. She was yelling that someone had tried to break into our vehicles (which wasn't too hard because my husband doesn't believe in locking the doors). Anyway....apparently, the next door neighbors saw these people trying to get into their vehicles (which were people)...when they couldn't get in theirs, they ran to our house and opened up Danny's work car and started rummaging around. They called the cops (which were here in nanoseconds). The people (I call them people, but I mean dirty, lowlife, crackheads) took off running into a nearby field. The cops came and talked to us...and looked around the neighborhood for the idiots. As far as I know, they never found them. Our neighbor said that the lady ( I use that term loosely) was on a cell phone, and the person with her looked to be a teen aged boy. They were both dressed in dark clothes.
Guys, this was before 10:00 at night. We were still up (the kids and I). These idiots were in my front yard, near my carport door (which was friggen unlocked). They could have come right into my house. I can't believe it. This is a small town, and we take for granted that it is safe. Never again will I make that mistake.
Nothing was taken. Thank goodness. Danny had lots of stuff in the car that was valuable. STOOOPID. UGH. I am guilty, too. I had my van unlocked with the dang keys in the ignition. Oh my gosh. I might have well just given them the van. If it had been stolen, I would have no one to blame but myself.
Lesson learned.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Spotlighted on the Dishin' the Digi- Coast 2 Coast show on DiScTalkRadio...

I got an e-mail that my kit- Dance with heart (here at ACOT) is being spotlighted on the Dishin' the Digi- Coast 2 Coast show on DiScTalkRadio!

To celebrate, I am marking the kit 50% off this week!!! YAY!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Another year, another Christmas party.

This was our second year going to Danny's Pepsi Mid America Christmas party. It was the 70th birthday, so it was a great celebration.

AND, I took no pictures...not a one. Can you believe it? My hair was fabulous ( I can say that..ha, because there are no pictures to prove otherwise) I was rocking out the beauty queen hair ( you rollers, a whole can of hairspray) I hardly got ready in in the heck can I be responsible for getting a picture taken?

Sooo....this is my first experience with Assets. It was interesting. First, I took it out of the package, and it was about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. How on earth was I suppose to get that dang thing on! I blame Oprah. Since she had Spanx on the show...I have been obsessed with getting me some "body shapers".
Alright, so it took me 20 minutes of cussing and pulling and laying down, then standing up to get the Asset contraption on. It eliminated all bulge. No more sagging butt, no more muffin top... lol. It pulled my bootie up high. Really, my bootie had NO BUSINESS being up there....for crying out loud, I am a mother of three. I felt like my butt was under my shoulder blades.
Then, I put on the tights. WTH. These things were as small as the Assets. Great. Another 20 minutes of fighting with these things. Now I had two layers of tightness. How in the hell am I going to pee now? I am I have resolved to not drink anything. If I don't drink, I won't have to pee. Problem solved. (WRONG, I got thirsty! Da*n the chex mix they put out on the table!!! It sucked all moisture out of my mouth!!!) It took me 20 minutes to use the bathroom. I thought about just cutting the Assets and hose off of me.

Now, let me tell you about my shoes. Here they are.....only mine are brown. I don't wear heels. AT ALL. I wore these because I wanted to impress my husband and look sexy. It backfired. You can't look sexy when you are hobbling around like an old woman. I had totally lost all feeling in my toes before we even got to the Christmas celebration. By the time we left, I was hobbling, and crying. Curse these Fred Flintstone feet. I was not made to wear shoes like this.

Other than that..we had a great time! Never mind getting pulled over on the way home. Long story short, Danny was doing 58 in a 40. ( We have been fighting about him speeding for a long time) I was sleeping, I woke up to see lights in the rear view. GREAT!!!!! Brett says " There goes Christmas!! " I would have nearly died laughing, but I was too mad that Danny was speeding. Apparently, I can't sleep. When I sleep, he speeds. Any hoo. They ask for his drivers license and stuff. This is where I get nervous because I know he is going to look up his driving record.
Yeah, Mr. Speeder has a great record. The cop comes back and asks if there is any reason why he shouldn't give Danny a ticket. ( This is where my nervous laughter starts) Then he says, "Mr. Speeder, you have a lengthy, 3 page record." ( Ok, he didn't call him Mr. Speeder, I added that for dramatic effect). Then he points his flashlight at Danny...and shoots a look of evil and says,
" If you can't drive any better than that, you need to let her drive!!". (at least we didn't get a ticket)
Humph...well said. I can't argue with that.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Treasured kit now available at ACOT, also!

Gift cards...

That's right!

Want to give a Michelle Underwood fan a super gift?? How about a Gift card?! Fun and
fabulous..Quick and easy!

Right now I have $5.00, $10.00 and $25.00 gift cards available at Scrapbook bytes store!
(If you want one at a different price, let me know and I will put it in the store. ;))

Cheer me up- SBB store!

Cheer me up - $5.00
Great kit to cheer you up when you get those winter blahs. You will get 7 funky backgrounds in 12x12. **BONUS QUICK PAGE!!!** You will also get some super cute corduroy elements (corner, circles, flowers, star, arrow) You will also get a clip, staple, ric rac, labels, tiny buttons, tag, pointer, phrase, and a scalloped frame!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pajamas 4 Love Project!! 75 Designers 1 great cause

What is Pajamas 4 Love, you ask? It a kit created by 75 of the most generous, kind hearted, giving designers in the industry. These designers are the heart and sole of this community giving of their time and talent to bring you these 200 pages, 363 elements, tagbooks, quickpages, templates, fonts and mini albums. This GINORMOUS kit has been broken into four smaller kits for your downloading pleasure as well as the full collection at a discount. If you are on dial up we offer you the collection on your choice of CD or DVD. Each individual kit is $5, the whole collection for download is $15 adn the CD/DVD option is $21.

You can find this kit at Elemental Scraps

Sample LO done with pieces of "Courage"

It seems that in the digital community we are looking into the eyes of a child with cancer far to often. Most of the time youll be browsing a gallery and notice a once healthy child now losing their hair or in a hospital bed with IV's. This is exactly what happened when I stumbled across Katherine Lent's LO's of her gorgeous daughter Corinne. Corinnes once beautiful locks were being replace by smooth skin and my heart broke into a million pieces. I immediately went to read her blog and what I found was a child, no older then one of my own, having just turned three, that was fighting for her life. I also found a woman that in the face of all this sadness, stress, fear and frustration wanted more for others than she did herself. Over and over I read where she said how important blood donation was and how much her baby girl could just use some care packages. I went to her and asked if we could help, that we had an idea for a project of sorts and wanted her permission to do it and she agreed. Out of this conversation pj's4love was born.

PJ's mission is three fold. First, we want to sell this HUGE kit to raise money to send gifts of love, little angel baskets to each of the kids we watch grow up in LO's and whose blogs we are drawn to hour by hour. Ethan, Corinne, Asher and Mason will be the first recipients of our loev packages. We also will be doing this for each of the 11 beds in Stonybrook Hospitals Pediatric Hem/Onc Unit. Each care package will contain a really comfy pair of pajamas that will be so full fo love that when warn will hopefully help the kids to feel wrapped in our love every minute. If the kit raises enough money we want to include other little goodies that kids love to get, the kinds of things that boost their spirits and make them happy, even if just for moments at a time.

Second, all the remaining money will be used to help buy new toys, books, coloring books, crayons, batteries and goodies for the playroom at Stoneybrook. This is on request of Katherine herself, as she says the playroom is in desperate need of a little love and care. They dont even have a volunteer to staff the playroom, that is more like a broom closet, and the toys are run down and in poor condition. The 50+ kids that call Stoneybrook home while they fight cancer and have chemo treatments need a place that shines a little sunshine in their lives. If you have anything you would like to donate, please contact me at joedee AT elementalscraps DOT com and I will put you in touch with the approprite people.

Third and yet ANOTHER one of Katherine's requests, we will be having the digital scrapbooking communities first EVER online blood drive. We are asking that each of you go to your local blood bank or collection facility and donate blood. These kids need blood transfusion at times to stay alive and its one small thing we can do to make a difference in the world. For your donation, you will receive a coupon book, chock full of the most generous coupons from some of the best designers in the industry. We also have a GREAT gift for the very first person to donate and bring back proof (pictures time stamped of you donating or a reciept of some sort). Shannon, owner of DST, has graciously given us ONE DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP to give to the lucky first prooven donator. HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!

I know that its Christmas time and things are tight for everyone. I know that most of use lead very busy lives with children of our own, but this is our chance. Our chance to show love to some wonderful kids who have been dealt a bad hand. To show them that people love them, care about them, think about them and pray for them frequently. Help us to help make them smile and give them the knowloedge that no matter what happens we love and care about them and will do our best to make life a little sweeter for them, each and every one.

(every recipient of gifts and money has provided the necassary proof that elemental scraps and the designer who signe don can certify them. if you would like more information on the children receiving these gifts please visit their blogs or contact me for more diagnostic and treatment information.)

More previews....





Friday, December 08, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy page kit- SBB store

You know the feeling....that feeling that you get around the Holidays....all warm and fuzzy! I get that feeling when the whole family is all cuddled up on the is cold outside, but we are so warm and cozy. In this kit you will get 7 Backgrounds, as well as a label, staple, photo turn, photo corners, polka dot ribbon and tie, distressed frame, key, phrase, buttons, and glitter accents (heart, star, snowflake and swirl).


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Featured designer of the month at Scrapwow..

Yes, that's my big head there

Oh, and if you are a member there you will get my new freebie {HOLIDAY CHEER}... (if you are not a member, you need to get in the game!! lol You can read more about membership and what's involved at the scrapwow site)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Joy of giving Quick page!

This Quick page matches the Joy of giving page kit. This is a merged png file, all you have to do is put the picture behind the transparency, and add some journaling and you are done!!!

Treasured Quick page

Treasured Quick page at ScrapWOW- $1.00

Treasured Quick page is a quick and easy way to get a page done in minutes!! Add the photo behind the transparent window....add some journaling, and you are done! It is that simple!
This Quick page matches the Treasured Page kit that is available for sale here.

Don't forget the matching Page kit!

New! Celebrate Quick page!

Layered Quick page in 12x12. Also included is a non layered Quick page for those who don't care to move stuff around. ( All you have to do is add a photo and you are done!!) ;)

This matches the Celebrate page kit.

ONLY .99!!!

Get it here at the SBB store!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Close call..

Saturday night we had some friends over. We made some Apple fritters in the deep fryer, and we left the deep fryer on the counter for the oil to cool. Fast forward a little bit....Talon gets on the counter to get a granola bar out of the cabinet. As he was getting down, he pulled the deep fryer with all the oil on top of him. It went all over his head, face, clothes...everything. Danny yelled for me to get in there, and I saw Talon there with all that oil on him....SCREAMING bloody murder. I swooped him up, and I could feel the heat coming off of him. I stripped him down and put him in the tub. I was terrified that I would see his little face bubble up and peel off. His face was pretty pink..he is so pale, so, any color to his face really shows up. Thankfully the oil had cooled enough that it didn't burn him. It took me a couple of minutes before I realized that he was fine.

After that, I sat there and realized in a blink of an eye, our life could have been changed. Our pretty little boy could have had his whole face, hair, etc. burned from hot oil. He could have been scarred for life, not to mention he would have been in severe pain. All this because of our stupidity, and lack of good judgment.

So, I will never forget this lesson. We will never leave hot oil on the counter again, even if it has the lid on it (because the lid flew off), Talon will never be allowed to get on the counter again (even if there is not hot oil, he could break his neck. lol), and if we use a deep fryer, we will let it cool on the stove top where Talon can't climb up.

Oh my goodness. I can't believe it. This is one of those things that I see on the news and I think, "Is that parent STUPID!?!!" Sometimes parents have a momentary lack of common sense, and we had one of those moments. UGH. Thank God he is fine.

Anyway. The clean up was nothing short of bullcrap. The oil went as far up as the top of the fridge. Our wood floor was completely covered in a film of oil. lol. (Hey, it was shiny, though) We were all sliding around on it all night.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New kit! Celebrate-at SBB store

CELEBRATE! -$5.00 SBB store

Happy and cheerful to brighten up those winter days! You will get 7 backgrounds in 12x12. You will also get a notebook frame, tab, glitter snowflakes, corners, scalloped edge border, staple, label, phrases, knotted ribbons, and buttons.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I like this one

I think the other picture was not a good picture. Did I actually post that picture? ugh.
Anyway. I can deal with looking like these ladies.. Shirley