Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Molly and Friends Cat Furniture Co. Review

Molly and Friends

Cat Furniture Company

 Molly and Friends! - Crafters of the finest in handmade premium cat furniture the United States has to offer.

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Libby was sent a cat tree to review. Let me just say, it's a hit! She loves this thing! She sleeps in the cubby at the top! I moved it in front of our sliding glass doors and she will lay there and watch the world go by.

The furniture came already assembled. I just lifted it out of the box and there it was! This thing is STURDY. I wouldn't try it, but I bet I could sit on it. lol! There's a feather/ribbon hanging toy that she absolutely loves! We love the fact that there's a scratching post on the side. It helps to keep her from scratching up our furniture. She needed a little guidance at first. Whenever she started clawing at the furniture, we would put her on the scratching post and she got the idea really quick. It is most definitely one of her favorite spots. Oh, and it keeps her away from Titan. Sometimes a kitty needs to have time to herself! lol.

Here are some pictures--

The Quality is superb! This is not one of those wobbly furniture pieces. This will last years to come! 

You can find Molly and Friends Cat Furniture in many places where Pet goods are sold.

 Pet supply Showroom claims to have the best selection of Molly and Friends Cat furniture.

Take a look at some of these incredible creations!

How cute are those!?



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