Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keep or Toss #4

Here's another edition of KEEP OR TOSS!
For those new to my blog- KEEP OR TOSS is just a series of blog posts where I randomly review products that I use. I purchase these products on my own. These are more than likely beauty products, however, I won't always limit it to that!
Hope this helps someone!

Price Point- Inexpensive (Around $5-6). You can get this at any drug store or Mass retailer. I got mine at WalMart.

Here's what Dove says about the product-
For dull, dry hair
With delicate oils, cleanses and helps leave hair sublimely silky

I am going to--
I really LOVE this stuff. I noticed a difference the first time I used it! Some people may be put off by the smell, but I actually like it. For the price and what it does to my hair, this is a keeper!


We all know what dry shampoos are for. This one delivers, but with less of a harsh feel. I feel as if it leaves my hair soft and manageable and smells nice. I know there are mixed reviews. Some people don't like the smell, some people don't like the texture. 

I like it! I still use my BATISTE Dry Shampoo also. 
I reviewed that on KEEP OR TOSS #2

I use my Batiste when I want a thicker texture to my hair with more volume and I will be wearing it in a bun or a ponytail. However, if I want to wear my hair down and need a refreshing Dry Shampoo, I will reach for the Dove. It still leaves my hair manageable and not stiff at all.

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 - Damage Erasing Balm

 Specially formulated for damaged, over processed and chemically treated hair. This intense luxurious reconstructing balm instantly repairs the 5 signs of damage: 1. Split Ends 2. Weak 3. Rough 4. Dull 5. Dehydrated

Price point- Inexpensive ($5 or $6)

 Holy COW Ya'll!!! I am super excited about this product!!!
I seriously LOVE this stuff!!! I used it right after I colored my hair last night and it was the most moisturizing conditioner I have come across ever!

Remember this review?

Toss that! I found something better!! Now, if you don't really have damaged hair like I do... I think the Neutrogena Triple Moisture would be great. It is generally cheaper (by a couple of dollars depending where you shop and if you have  However, I need something that works like a miracle and I found it!!!


Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, Highly Laminating

 For lustrous, healthy shine that goes straight to your head.  Treat coarse, dry or chemically treated hair with this high-gloss, polishing serum specially formulated with a customized blend of vitamins, silicones and a UV protectant.  Shine enhancing citrus extracts effectively protects hair from heat styling damage and environmental stress.  Tames frizz and treats split ends for a smooth, soft, shiny finish.
Citrus Micro-Luminates
Advanced luminating technologies infused with pure citrus extracts create a natural boost of pure lamination for incredibly, shiny hair.
  • glossifies and laminates
  • tames and smoothes frizz
  • restores and protects
Price Point- Reasonable! ($5 to $7)
I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I am a lover of this stuff going WAY back! My stores quit carrying it, though .. and for a while I couldn't find it. I forgot about it until I saw it online at I nearly had a heart attack! This stuff is in my HOLY GRAIL of hair products. It's finally back in my life!
DISCLAIMER- This product may not be for everyone. If you have fine, limp hair this can weigh it down. I have coarse, thick, chemically treated hair and it LOVES Citre Shine!
Use sparingly or you will look like you dunked your head into some grease! lol. I put a small amount in my hand and run it through my wet hair... I blow dry, then I put a little more in my hair for shine. I concentrate on the ends because those are the most dull and damaged part of my hair. 
 My love and collection have grown! I really can't get enough of them! They are such great eyeshadows! I haven't bought one yet that I didn't like!

Girls, get you some! They are so inexpensive that you can't lose!

Also, I have the Wet n Wild nail polish too! Those are keepers too! I am so impressed! They dry fast in between coats, I usually only have to put on two coats. The last time I polished my nails with one of the Wet n Wild nail polishes it lasted a week and a half!!! Yes, I used a top coat and applied another top coat in between, but still....that is some serious staying power!!!! AND they are so inexpensive!! Oh, and the applicator brush is simply genius! I wish all nail polishes had applicator brushes like this!

Here's the color I used (Oh how I wish I had taken pictures of it on... I will get it next time)--

 Price point- @ $2... I got another color on sale for .49. Seriously!
Here's the applicator brush-

Monday, February 24, 2014

We have a winner for the LipSense Giveaway!

 Emily Percak
I have contacted the winner!

Friday, February 21, 2014

IPSY - February 2014

IPSY- FEBRUARY- "The look of love"

 Ipsy is only $10 (with free shipping). 
You get samples and some full size products sent to your house every month in a very cute little makeup bag! I can't tell you how fun this is! It's so exciting to see what my bag will look like and what will be in my bag!
Everyone's bag is customized to their profile.
Once you get your bag in, you can review the products you get for points. You rack up the points and you get free product. Also, each month... all of the products will have coupon codes so that you can purchase the products you loved at a discount !

Here's my referral link-

(I don't get money if you sign up under my link.... however I do get points and after a while I will be able to get a full size product.)

Here's how the Ipsy bag comes delivered.

LOOK AT THAT PINK BAG! Love it! I was so excited when I saw this in my mailbox! It's like a surprise just for me every month!! (You can check out your "Glam room" on the Ipsy site to get a sneak peak at what you will get in your bag!)

The makeup bag is full of products! BTW, it's pink with pink leopard print on the inside! Eeek!

Here's what's in the bag!!! Woo hoo! Well worth $10. Seriously!

Let me break down the actual products for you--

POP Beauty- Plump Pout Mini 
(I got Fuchsia Freesia)
 The Glam room tells all about the product and also gives you a code to get 25% off any purchase at!

Nail Polish
(I got the color DOT)
In your glam room it will tell you all about the product and offer you a discount at
If you buy 2 nail polishes, you get one free as well as a Free Zoya remove.

Tini Beauty 
Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One
( I got the color Violette)
I would never buy this color on my own, so I am super excited to try it out! I love the color!
In the glam room you get a code at for 50% off any purchase AND free nail polish!
skyn ICELAND- Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud
You will get 50% off one product and 20% off additional products at their website!
J.Cat Beauty- Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue
(I got EL15)
I am excited to try these lashes. I am a little nervous that they may be too dramatic! However, if I like them.. there is a code for 25% off at, and I can get another pair that might be a little more subtle.
I will definitely be continueing my subscription! I am loving it!
Here's my referral link-

Also, if you want to check out Ipsy a little more before you commit to $10 a month, check out their website and visit youtube! Youtube beauty gurus always post in depth reviews complete with honest opinions and swatches!!! Remember, not every one gets the same thing every month.... I find it fun to look and see what other Ipsy subscribers get! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bark Box- February 2014

When you sign up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!
If your dog is begging for more or you want to gift a favorite item to a friend, we’ll give you exclusive opportunities to order more products at a great rate.
A portion of proceeds from each box will go to help doggies-in-need. To learn more about our causes, read about our giving program.
Whether you’ve known your furry friend for years or have a new special canine in your life, BarkBox is the monthly necessity for keeping your pup entertained and feeling well loved.
To get a better idea of what's in the box (and to see some cute and happy dogs), visit our Facebook Page.


 A Zucchini toy
Seriously, who would have thought my dog would be OBSESSED with this! :)
Made by P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You)

Bacon, bacon? Where's the bacon? Do I smell bacon?
This was a HIT!
By Barkworthies

Strawberry and Carob flavor natural organic treats for dogs!
By Max and Ruffy's

Chews! These are like crack to my dogs. They cannot get enough of these chews!
by Barkworthies and Etta Says

1) I spoil my pups. I swear they know when the Bark Box comes in. They get so excited!
2) We live in the middle of nowhere, so no dog stores to get treats anywhere around us (I am not a fan of Wal-Mart)
3) It allows me to offer the dogs products that I have never heard of or never thought of purchasing for the Pups!

Here's my referral link-
(Use the link to get $5 off your first subscription!!!)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Inspiration brought to you by the internet

I scoured the internet once again to bring you some AWESOME inspiration! I hope you enjoy these posts!
Make sure you leave love on the blogs you visit! They work hard to offer tutorials and inspiration to us all!

How gorgeous is this!!!? I love the combo of colors and mix and match of patterns!

Gorgeous Spring wreath! Perfect for Easter time!

What a fun way to display photos! This would make a great gift too!!!

I can't even tell you how much I love this!!!

Personalized Desk blotter

LOVING this! Display your instagram photos!

LOVE these stools! Simple way to add new life to your boring stools!

Love this Mudroom organization!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

E.L.F. Cosmetics Review

Much awaited and anticipated blog post! I think it is safe to say that I have ordered enough E.L.F. products to be able to properly review the site and the products! ;)

First, I love makeup and beauty products... BUT I am cheap, and I love good deals! I have been looking for great products that are affordable. I am not "all about the name". I don't like just buying beauty products because they are "high end/Brand name". I want a product that works and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Ok, here we go! I am only going to review the favorites, and products that didn't quite live up to my expectations! If I reviewed all the products we would be here forever.

e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder

  • $6.00
  • SIZE 8g

 I did a small review on this before. I think it was the first KEEP OR TOSS. I didn't like it at first. I wanted to toss it. I am glad I kept it. I kept experimenting with it. Here's my advice. Only use a LITLLE bit, get some product on the brush then shake the excess off...and I only put around your eyes. If you can see it, you aren't doing it right. (I wasn't doing it right because I left a layer of greyish powder when I used it. lol) This will last quite a while!


e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer

  • $6.00
  • SIZE .49 oz (14g)
 It does what it says for a fraction of the cost of the "high end" primers. There's no need to get an expensive primer. This works GREAT. For those that don't prime before makeup... girls, you are missing out! Seriously, PRIME YOUR FACE before you put on makeup. It helps the makeup go on so smooth! Take my advice!

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set

  • $3.00
  • SIZE 2.02oz
Another must have. This does what it says and for a fraction of the price. Simple to use. Put on your makeup then spray a couple sprays of this product... Let dry. You are done! This does help keep your makeup fresh longer! If you don't use a setting mist.... Girls, please. Do it! You will thank me later!

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

  • $3.00 
Great product! I have sensitive skin and this works just fine! I never want to be without these! At only $3, stock up and keep some everywhere you might need them! I use them every night to take off my makeup and it saves so much time!

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush

  • $3.00
Brushes can get expensive. They don't have to be. ELF carries a variety of brushes that I love. Some start at $1! Seriously! The stipple brush is my favorite brush for blush. I am going to get the smaller stipple brush next for applying my face highlighters! You can't beat this brush for only $3!

What are you waiting for!? This is a FANTASTIC palette!! It's got great pigmentation and HELLO, $6!!!!

e.l.f. Essential 15 Piece Nail Polish Cube

  • $15.00    $12.00
  • SIZE 15 x 0.20 fl oz.
15 nail polishes for $12. Come on. The colors are fabulous! There are some glitter colors, and they cover from nude to dark! I haven't tried every single one in this collection, but I can say that they are worth the money. I'm a girl, I like to know that I have lots of options for my finger nails!
Here's what they look like on my vanity-
 Fun, right!?

It's going to be a sad, sad day if they ever stop selling these! I LOVE THESE! They are quite deceiving at first. When you first open them, it seems as if there is hardly any product on the pad. I used ONE pad to remove all the polish from two hands. Now, it was a nude looking polish, but it was 3 layers! I highly recommend these polish removal pads! In fact, I have 4 of these in my drawer right now! I don't want to run out! It's so much easier than getting the liquid polish remover out, cotton pads, etc. This products does not stink or dry out your fingers like most polish removers! I swear, I don't want to live without this product!!!!

e.l.f. Studio Brush Shampoo

  • $3.00
  • SIZE 4.1 fl oz
I use this once a week to clean my brushes. It's cheap, it works, and it doesn't stink! I love it!

e.l.f. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner

  • $3.00
  • SIZE 2.02 fl. oz.
I use this spray to clean my brushes daily. I bought two more so that I won't be without this! I love this product!!! It quickly cleans your brushes. It dries fast and your brushes are soft and smell so good! I can't live without this!!! LOVE!

e.l.f. Essential Liquid Eyeliner

  • $1.00
I have the brown and the gold glitter. I like the brown. It's a great liquid eyeliner for $1. I will not be using the gold liner again. It BURNS! Well, it could just be me. My eyes are sensitive. I am telling you, it was like lining my eyes with alcohol. It wasn't pleasant and I won't be doing that again, ever.

e.l.f. Studio Mascara Primer

  • $3.00
  • MUST HAVE!!! 
 LOVE LOVE LOVE! I put two coats on and let it dry, then I apply my regular mascara and WOW!!!!!! It's such a difference! This is a phenomenal product! This is another must have!

e.l.f. Studio Bronzers

  • $3.00
LOVE IT! Now, I have heard mixed reviews on this. I think it's great! They key is to use a big brush and swirl it around all the colors, tap off the excess and use it on the places on your face that would get touched by the sun. I think it's beautiful and natural looking!

I have more products that I want to use a little longer before I decide whether or not I would buy them again.
Want to see some fun HAUL pictures from E.L.F.? I love seeing these, so I thought I would share mine!

Just found another E.L.F. product at The Dollar Tree!

e.l.f. Essential Lengthening & Defining Mascara

  • $1.00
  • SIZE .08 fl oz
I got the color black/brown. I didn't have huge expectations because this product was a dollar. I applied the elf eyelash primer first, then I applied this mascara! OH MY GOSH ya'll!!!! I love that the wand is a little smaller than normal wands. I have small eyes and this wand really got in there and got even the tiniest lashes! My lashes seriously look FANTASTIC!!! I haven't tried it without the primer, but why would I? They work fantastic together! Girls, get this! Seriously! This is a product that I can't live without now!!!! 

e.l.f. Essential Eye Makeup Remover Pads - 24 Pack

  • $2.00
Not a fan. I would skip this if I were you. Let me tell you why-- 1) They are small and thin. Its hard to hold onto and use on the eye. 2) Yes, it takes off the eye makeup, but it didn't remove any of the E.L.F. mascara. I mean, it can't even remove it's own brand of mascara? 3) It makes my eyes water. 
Skip this product, just use the regular ELF makeup remover cloths and use an eye makeup remover to get the mascara off! ;)