Friday, August 03, 2012

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Fashionable accessories for your dog 

ABOUT- Check out our fun & unique pet toy hampers! Great for storing toys, leashes, and just the right height for large and small dogs to help themselves.

We also offer a variety of placemats for your pets in fun colors and patterns. I am happy to announce that they are once again available to ship internationally!

The most durable placemats are our oilcloth & chalkcloth messy mats. They are completely waterproof, and the colors will stay vibrant for years. If your pet regularly tips it's bowl over or is super messy, this is the mat for you. They should be stored flat or rolled, not folded as creases can appear if folded over a long period of time.

Our laminated cotton mats come with a non-slip backing and the top is splash proof and water resistant. These are great if you want a trendy pattern to go with your kitchen and a mat to protect your floor. The top of the mat is water resistant, however, the non-slip bottom is not water proof, so it isn't recommended for standing in water spills.

Don't forget to check out our small and large squeaky toys too! 

It's where the cool dogs shop. Trust me, I'm in the know. Titan loves his Toy hamper. Check it out- It's so cute!


You have got to check out these adorable hampers!

 I really love these place mats too!

....and you have to see these adorable toys!

Isn't it all just adorable!?


You can win an oilcloth waterproof mat of your choice

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St. Louis, MO 

 Champagne loves attention. She can be chatty and a bit high-maintenance. She would do best in an experienced cat home, particularly one with Persian experience. She will bite if she feels you are mistreating her. She has chronic UT issues and this has created litter pail adversion for this girl. Champagneis a Chocolate point Himalayan. She is approximately 6 years old and of average size, though nothing else is average about this beauty!

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