Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Brumbys yarns Giveaway- 2 Winners!


All cat toys are made with 100% organic catnip and valerian root. All items are hand crocheted.

Check out our new line of cat collars! Keep checking back for new colors and designs!


Libby loves her Brumbys yarns toys!

She was sent some yarn balls, a strawberry and an oreo cookie. It is so adorable to watch her carry the strawberry or the oreo cookie around in her mouth. lol!

 These toys are too cute!!! What cat wouldn't love them!?

Check out the new yarn collars! These would be great for those picky cats that don't like to wear a Collar. These look so light and soft!




One winner will get a prize pack of toys (much like I received).
One winner will win a collar!

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Belleville, MI 

 Roderick has a bit of a quirky personality. He’s a little like Wonderland’s Mad-Hatter, you never quite know what side of him you’re going to get from minute to minute. One thing is absolutely certain; you’ll never be bored with this cat as a companion! His unpredictable nature will need a home where it’s understood that he can be loving and playful one minute and ready to rumble the next. Roderick will do best in a home where there are little restrictions put on him since he does enjoy doing whatever he pleases when the mood strikes. We recommend a household without children or other cats where he can be the king of the roost without competition. His changeable personality does make for an entertaining cat that will have you shaking your head and telling your friends about his latest antics. We can’t deny he’s one handsome looking cat with striking blue eyes and an attractive grey and white patterned coat that’s silky soft to the touch. We are sure he knows it too! Roderick will do well in a home where his quirky ways are accepted and where he’s appreciated for who and what he is. If you think you have the patience and understanding this special cat needs give us a call to come meet Roderick. He’s neutered, vaccinated, tested neg. for FeLuk/FIV and micro-chipped. 734 461-9458


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