Friday, June 21, 2013

Why I love BarkBox


A box of high quality dog products for your pup, delivered to your door every month!

 As low as $19/month. 10% goes towards supporting a rescue group.FREE SHIPPING!


Your Pup deserves it!

If your Pups are anything like mine, they are very busy, and deserve a break... I mean, just look at how busy my pups are-

 (It's a hard life)

I have been getting the BARKBOX subscription for a while now. I don't know who gets more excited when it comes, me or the pups! lol

Here's how it works-

Go to this link-

(this is my link for you and you get $5 off your first month!!!)

You choose the size of your dog...

 You choose the plan..

1 month, 6 months...etc.

Then you wait for the goodies to arrive!

Every month I get the tracking number to the BARKBOX shipment. I always know exactly when it will arrive. I LOVE THAT!


If you want to see more of what BARKBOX is about, visit their FACEBOOK page. 


You can see just what you get in the BARKBOX, and see how much the customers LOVE this monthly subscription! BARKBOX is quite popular, and for good reason! They truly look for the best products and keep your pup in mind.

For example- Here is this month's BARKBOX-

 This month's box is a Puppy picnic basket. It's summer and with all the picnics and 4th of July coming up, your pup needs to be as prepared as you are! :)

It comes with food, drink, and even suppliments that will help pups with the 4th of July firework jitters! AND.... it's all made in the USA. Holla!

 Look at some of these goodies---

And, after a long day of being an important dog,

What's better than settling down with a bone and a beer.
What? Yes, they make Doggie beer! lol


Here are some pictures of other months of BARKBOX--

I know I spoil my Pups! However, if it weren't for BARKBOX, I would never have the opportunity to have some of these products for my Pups. I love that I can trust BARKBOX.

I was not compensated by BARKBOX. I bought the Subscription myself. I am just a very happy customer that wants to share good stuff with my fellow animal lovers!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Announcing the newest family member to the Underwood clan!!!

Introducing Lilly Bug Underwood!!

She is the sweetest French Bulldog ever! We are so honored to have her in our family!
She is 7 months old today. She was born 11/11/12.

Now our family is complete! 3 human boys, and 4 furbabies that include (oldest to youngest) Oliver- Maine Coon Cat, Titan- Boston Terrier, Libby- Maine Coon, and now Lilly- French Bulldog!

Here's some more pictures of our little Diva-

Friday, June 07, 2013

Lookie here..lookie here.. Get your Beauty on!

Well, this is a LONG story...but to make it simple and short- I have decided to sell my BeautiControl inventory on Ebay.  I am just looking to get rid of my inventory and hopefully not at a complete loss.

Selling BeautiControl was a great idea when I first invested in it, now.. for reasons that aren't important, I have decided not to continue selling BeautiControl. It just didn't work out. 
I feel like it's a break up! "It's not you, BeautiControl.. it's me." ;)

So, Here is my listing for the "EXTRA" BeautiControl products I have in my home. Get in there and get a fabulous price! 

Now, (while I cannot vouch for every product) these are the products that I absolutely LOVE and stand behind! I may not be cut out for selling BeautiControl, but I will forever be devoted to their products!

I personally recommend the Spa Facial line. It's fabulous! My 16 year old son uses it, I use it... It works wonders! My son's face has never been so clear! I will forever keep my consultant status just so I can buy these facial products-

Normal to dry-  


My next FAVORITE is the Instant Manicure. I have two auctions up. One auction is for just the Instant Manicure and one is for the Instant Manicure and Intense moisturizing lotion. This is one of BeautiControl's #1 selling product! There's a reason for that! Even if the ONLY thing you buy is this.... this will be worth it. You will come back again and again.

Instant Manicure-
These products are worth their weight in gold. I am serious when I say that the Instant Manicure has forever changed my hands (and feet.. yes, I use it on my feet too! lol!)
I have always had a problem with dry cracking skin on my hands and feet. I have tried everything. THIS WORKS!!! It feels like heaven once you have finished. I will never live without this product again. I have it right beside my bathroom sink and everyone in the family loves it!

Ok, Next favorite- The Microderm Abrasion kit-

Retail value- $107
Comes with 
BC Spa ResurfaceMicroderm® Abrasion Facial Set
(this includes the buffer with two brushes)
 BC Spa Resurface Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel

When people go to a Spa and get a "Chemical peel"... this is what they are getting. This is Spa quality. You will first use the handy Resurfacing peel pads. You leave this on for 20 minutes (10 if it's your first time) and you then use the buffer with the Abrasion creme.

I recommend using it at night because it can make your face red. Regular scrubs can only take a layer of skin off... This set can take off  3 to 6 layers of old skin. This makes the skin regenerate and you have new, beautiful skin .

Next up--
Warming Trend Green Tea Masque-
Not only is this a GREAT masque, it is wonderful to use when you are shaving those delicate areas. It warms instantly and opens those pores so that you not only get a close, clean shave.. it also eliminates those pesky shaving bumps and ingrown hairs! A little goes a long way! You can use it alone, or put shaving cream right over it. It is a FABULOUS product!

Detoxifying bath soak. I use this A LOT! It helps the skin to release toxins and opens it up to receive essential nutrients. After a hard day, run a bath with just a little bit of this bath soak added to it. It instantly starts relaxing you. Great for migraine sufferers too! Just put a little on a hot wash cloth and put over your eyes. Your headache will ease in no time!

Ok! Shop away! ;)