Friday, August 10, 2012



Hand Created Products 

 Personalized gifts are excellent for weddings, showers, teachers, graduates, bridal parties, college students (especially sororities and fraternities) and much, much more.


 Now, I just LOVE this one with a Gator on it and "Choot Em"!!

 Who doesn't need a personalized mailbox!? Great for weddings! The Guests can just put their cards right in there! It can be the centerpiece to your gift table! How fun!

Halloween is coming up!!! Your little ghost or goblin needs his/her own personalized bucket! How about get the big bucket, stick candy in it and leave it out on your front porch while you are out with the kiddos trick or treating?!


I reviewed the personalized mailbox. Let me just tell you.... it spruced up the front of my house. I am not kidding. I wish I had gotten a before picture, but my husband put the new mailbox up for me before I could tell him that I needed the "Before" pictures. We had a plastic mailbox that did have "Underwood" on it, but those cheap reflective stickers fell off and only half our name remained. It was a sad, sad looking mailbox!

Look at the new one!!!

I absolutely love it!

I asked Mindy's Creations to create a Black mailbox (comes in black or white) and use Red vinyl for the "U". It came out perfectly! It matches our house! We have black shudders and a Red front door! This mailbox is perfect! :) I hope every time the mail person puts the mail in she appreciates the craftiness of this mailbox! lol!


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 Huntley, IL 

Born 05/22/12   Coming to AHS on 8/18/12 but can be seen by appointment in the meantime. Please fill out an application online and when approved call ahead to make an appointment to meet this gorgeous girl. Cotton is just so darned cute, you just have to hug her. So sweet and loving, she follows me around the house purring. She loves laps and usually ends up taking her nap there. She is one of 5 kittens of Crystal, who was abused, and seeing Cotton is seeing what Crystal was like before her ears were cut off. She gets along with my older cats and with my little dog. Really a great little kitten, and whoever adopts her will end up loving her as much as I do.

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