Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's crunch time people!!! Last minute gift ideas!

If you are anything like me...I put off the DIY gift until the LAST minute! Here are a few ideas to help out my fellow procrastinators! ;)

Hershey's kisses freebie @ Shindig Parties to go

How adorable!

AND reindeer food tags! HERE

Handmade monogram mugs. The mugs are fabulous by themselves, but how about putting some cocoa mix in there! Perfect!

Sea salt scrub! It's so easy she had her kids helping. Now that's an idea!!


chalkboard coasters

 Hot chocolate spoons for dipping!


Monogrammed hand towel

 Okay, that's just a few ideas...get to crafting!

Friday, December 09, 2011

December Pea Soup! ;)

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Build your own kit! Some of the 2 Peas designers got together to make a delicious Pea Soup for December. Pick and choose which mini kits you want to build your very own custom kit! ;)
Here's my mini kit--

 December- Pea Soup- Shiny Sparkles