Thursday, May 25, 2006

New kit at A Cherry on Top

Feeling Zen page kit!


Ashton (our neighbor) riding the bull. I laughed SO HARD when we got home and downloaded these pictures! OMG!!!! lol!

More pictures of Talon and those poor animals. ;) He has a distressed look on the picture with "Chicken Little" (I didn't name him- that is his, I assure you, that is a happy look! lol!!!!

This is the Pepsi truck that we entered into the parade. What fun. It was as hot as an oven, and I had to hold on to Talon to make sure that he wasn't thrown out of that thing! It shook so bad! lol! We were beat up by the time the parade was over! lol! WE WON 3rd place in the antique vehicle contest! lol! WOO HOO!!!!

I did some scrapping!

The petting zoo. Those POOR ANIMALS!! I couldn't believe what abuse they take...the kids were chasing them...picking them up....UGH! Talon was THE WORST!!!!! He chased those poor chickens and ducks around for 15 minutes. We doused him down with anti-bacterial sanitizer when he was done.
Talon was at the top of a HUGE blow up slide.....He saw the little boy in front of him go down on his stomach, and he wanted to give it a try! This was one of the many pictures that I took at Puryear Day. ;)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

This boy is going to kill me...

This is Talon at his I HAD to snap these pictures after his little escapade with the marker. In my defense, his Daddy left the marker out...I am just the one that wasn't watching him well enough. ;) Oh, and YES he drew on the couch, the wall, himself and ruined two pillows.

This picture also shows where he shaved his head.

I am a bad mother. lol

Yes, he is so proud of himself! lol!

PSA- DO NOT drink then workout

Okay, so I hardly ever drink...but I wanted to unwind. I had two drinks...and then got a wild hair to work out...with weights. I PULLED EVERY MUSCLE IN MY BODY! I normally do 30 minutes...but I worked out for an hour. A WHOLE HOUR. When I woke up the next day, I had to roll myself out of bed! I have been hobbling like an old woman every since. Lord help me.

New Layouts!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lookie here..I am on a roll!! lol!

New to A Cherry on Top...

New! He's got personality $6.00, 8% Off!(Reg. $6.50)
7 great papers, and a layered Quickpage in 12x12. You will also get lots of other goodies to help showcase those photos of your little price (or princess). You will get arrow stamps, journal stamp, journal card, measuring tape, phrase, frame, alphabet, numbers and corners!

I cranked this one out in record time. Woo hoo! Never mind that the baby spread mustard all over the living room carpet.....the hall, and the boys' room. Thank God for the mean green machine! lol! At least it wasn't the permanent marker today. Last week he not only colored himself, but the new couch too. Funny how they say that the couch is COMPLETELY stain resistant....there is nothing that a baby wipe can't wipe off. Well, that's the couch for us, right? WRONG. Apparently MUSTARD and PERMANENT MARKERS do not come out of the couch. (No matter how much you cuss)

I just pray that he grows out of this phase. ;)