Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keep or Toss #4

Here's another edition of KEEP OR TOSS!
For those new to my blog- KEEP OR TOSS is just a series of blog posts where I randomly review products that I use. I purchase these products on my own. These are more than likely beauty products, however, I won't always limit it to that!
Hope this helps someone!

Price Point- Inexpensive (Around $5-6). You can get this at any drug store or Mass retailer. I got mine at WalMart.

Here's what Dove says about the product-
For dull, dry hair
With delicate oils, cleanses and helps leave hair sublimely silky

I am going to--
I really LOVE this stuff. I noticed a difference the first time I used it! Some people may be put off by the smell, but I actually like it. For the price and what it does to my hair, this is a keeper!


We all know what dry shampoos are for. This one delivers, but with less of a harsh feel. I feel as if it leaves my hair soft and manageable and smells nice. I know there are mixed reviews. Some people don't like the smell, some people don't like the texture. 

I like it! I still use my BATISTE Dry Shampoo also. 
I reviewed that on KEEP OR TOSS #2

I use my Batiste when I want a thicker texture to my hair with more volume and I will be wearing it in a bun or a ponytail. However, if I want to wear my hair down and need a refreshing Dry Shampoo, I will reach for the Dove. It still leaves my hair manageable and not stiff at all.

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 - Damage Erasing Balm

 Specially formulated for damaged, over processed and chemically treated hair. This intense luxurious reconstructing balm instantly repairs the 5 signs of damage: 1. Split Ends 2. Weak 3. Rough 4. Dull 5. Dehydrated

Price point- Inexpensive ($5 or $6)

 Holy COW Ya'll!!! I am super excited about this product!!!
I seriously LOVE this stuff!!! I used it right after I colored my hair last night and it was the most moisturizing conditioner I have come across ever!

Remember this review?

Toss that! I found something better!! Now, if you don't really have damaged hair like I do... I think the Neutrogena Triple Moisture would be great. It is generally cheaper (by a couple of dollars depending where you shop and if you have  However, I need something that works like a miracle and I found it!!!


Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, Highly Laminating

 For lustrous, healthy shine that goes straight to your head.  Treat coarse, dry or chemically treated hair with this high-gloss, polishing serum specially formulated with a customized blend of vitamins, silicones and a UV protectant.  Shine enhancing citrus extracts effectively protects hair from heat styling damage and environmental stress.  Tames frizz and treats split ends for a smooth, soft, shiny finish.
Citrus Micro-Luminates
Advanced luminating technologies infused with pure citrus extracts create a natural boost of pure lamination for incredibly, shiny hair.
  • glossifies and laminates
  • tames and smoothes frizz
  • restores and protects
Price Point- Reasonable! ($5 to $7)
I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I am a lover of this stuff going WAY back! My stores quit carrying it, though .. and for a while I couldn't find it. I forgot about it until I saw it online at I nearly had a heart attack! This stuff is in my HOLY GRAIL of hair products. It's finally back in my life!
DISCLAIMER- This product may not be for everyone. If you have fine, limp hair this can weigh it down. I have coarse, thick, chemically treated hair and it LOVES Citre Shine!
Use sparingly or you will look like you dunked your head into some grease! lol. I put a small amount in my hand and run it through my wet hair... I blow dry, then I put a little more in my hair for shine. I concentrate on the ends because those are the most dull and damaged part of my hair. 
 My love and collection have grown! I really can't get enough of them! They are such great eyeshadows! I haven't bought one yet that I didn't like!

Girls, get you some! They are so inexpensive that you can't lose!

Also, I have the Wet n Wild nail polish too! Those are keepers too! I am so impressed! They dry fast in between coats, I usually only have to put on two coats. The last time I polished my nails with one of the Wet n Wild nail polishes it lasted a week and a half!!! Yes, I used a top coat and applied another top coat in between, but still....that is some serious staying power!!!! AND they are so inexpensive!! Oh, and the applicator brush is simply genius! I wish all nail polishes had applicator brushes like this!

Here's the color I used (Oh how I wish I had taken pictures of it on... I will get it next time)--

 Price point- @ $2... I got another color on sale for .49. Seriously!
Here's the applicator brush-

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