Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Keep or Toss #3 AND my Vanity with pink chair!

For those new to my blog- KEEP OR TOSS is just a series of blog posts where I randomly review products that I use. I purchase these products on my own. These are more than likely beauty products, however, I won't always limit it to that!
Hope this helps someone!
Price point- I got these as a set for $19.99 on Amazon.
The wet brush is suppose to be the BEST brush to use on wet hair. People claim that this will pull tangles out of the wildest hair without pulling hair or shedding tears.
The Shine Brush is to use on dry hair. It is suppose to be gentle on your hair, no breakage... they say this is great to distribute dry shampoo through the hair.

My opinion--

I love them both! The wet brush does exactly as it claims! I know mothers of daughters that have unruly hair are praising this brush! Really, I am excited that I have found these brushes! Go get you one! If you don't want both, at least get The Wet Brush! It is so much better for your hair than a regular brush!


I went to Dollar General Today and scored some products!
I thought I would review these for you all!

I got some desk accessories that are black and white damask. They are cheap, they are cute and I am going to use them to organize my makeup when my vanity comes in. :)

 Johnson and Johnson Baby oil gel.

Price point- very reasonable. I would say $3 to $5.

I have used this before as a moisturizer. I love it for that. I love that it's easier to use than the regular oil.
However, I haven't used it in a while... but I came across a pinterest post claiming that this is the best thing to use while shaving! It is suppose to not only make your skin baby soft, protect it from razor burns.... AND it is suppose to be better on your razor blade than regular shaving cream.

It's a fabulous product. I don't know what else to say. I can't speak to whether or not it is better on the blade or not. I haven't used it enough to know. I leaves your skin feeling AWESOME!

Baby Lips (Maybelline)

Price point- I got mine for $3.25

I have heard so much about these "Baby lips" that I had to try one out. It's a lip balm with a little color.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I will be carrying this little sucker with me everywhere I go! My lips have been so dry... this goes on like butter. There's no offensive odor or taste. It deposits just a little color on your lips. I am totally going to get one of every color. :) Glad I tried this product.

Wet n Wild Blush

Price point- $3 each

I got the colors Heather silk and Pearlescent pink. I already have lots of Wet n Wild eye shadow. I know that the eye shadows are very pigmented and the colors are fabulous. I was hoping that the blushes would be the same.

AND they are!!! I love them!!! They are pigmented, so I just barely dipped my blush brush onto the color and it went on great. I like both colors. I think that my favorite every day color would be the Pearlescent Pink. I have seen this compared to Nars Orgasm blush. I have never tried the Nars blush, so I can't tell you whether or not it compares. I can only tell you that I am so impressed with this blush! It's so cheap and I would say I like it better than most other blushes I have tried!

Here's a swatch I found--

I will definitely be getting the other two. I think they all would look great depending what look you are going for. :)

Cover girl BB cream

Price point- $6 to $7

I got light to medium. The reason I got this product is because I have heard lots of great things about BB creams. I wanted a tinted cream to use on days where I didn't feel like putting on a lot makeup, but I also wanted to have some color to my face.
I applied it with my beauty blender. I layered it twice, added a little concealer, powder, blush and a little bit of mascara. In 5 minutes my whole face was done! This is great for just running errands. I can easily do this every morning, and not have to worry about someone seeing me without a full face of makeup!
I haven't tried any other BB creams. So, I can't tell you how this compares to others. As far as this product though... I am sold!!! It provides light coverage. It feels light and dewy. I really love how soft my face feels. It almost looks as if I am not wearing makeup! The look is so natural. That's always a plus!!!

Kiss Eyelash Curler

Price point- $1

What can I say, it's an eyelash curler. It does what it is suppose to... and it didn't fall apart or pinch me when I used it. (Yes, that has happened with other eyelash curlers.)
Tip- use a blow dryer to warm up your eyelash curlers a bit. It really help "HOLD" the curl longer!

It was a dollar and it works. That about sums it up! It even came with an extra pad. I love the black grippers, it makes it easy to use. Great product!

I haven't tried the eyeshadow brush yet. I got it out of the package and the bristles didn't come out when I gently pulled on them. I ran it across the back of my hand and I have to say it's pretty soft, but dense. I think it's going to be a great eyeshadow brush. It was $1.25, I can't complain! I was actually pretty impressed with it. I will let you know if it totally sucks when I use it. :)


I mentioned that I bought a vanity, and I would be using my organizers from Dollar General to organize my makeup once it arrives. I can't wait. Let me show you what I bought.

I got this desk
(It's not technically a vanity, but it works for the space I have and I like the way it looks!)

It's from Wal-Mart! Seriously, $80 for the desk and chair!! Does it get better than that!?

 You can choose the color desk as well as the chair. I went with the clear Desk and pink chair.

The chair arrived today. Here's what it looks like--

It's a beautiful pink/ fuschia color and I love it! I can adjust the height of the chair and it's PINK! Did I mention it's pink! I love it!!!

I am so excited for the desk to arrive! I will make sure to blog about it when I get all my makeup set up! :)
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