Friday, February 21, 2014

IPSY - February 2014

IPSY- FEBRUARY- "The look of love"

 Ipsy is only $10 (with free shipping). 
You get samples and some full size products sent to your house every month in a very cute little makeup bag! I can't tell you how fun this is! It's so exciting to see what my bag will look like and what will be in my bag!
Everyone's bag is customized to their profile.
Once you get your bag in, you can review the products you get for points. You rack up the points and you get free product. Also, each month... all of the products will have coupon codes so that you can purchase the products you loved at a discount !

Here's my referral link-

(I don't get money if you sign up under my link.... however I do get points and after a while I will be able to get a full size product.)

Here's how the Ipsy bag comes delivered.

LOOK AT THAT PINK BAG! Love it! I was so excited when I saw this in my mailbox! It's like a surprise just for me every month!! (You can check out your "Glam room" on the Ipsy site to get a sneak peak at what you will get in your bag!)

The makeup bag is full of products! BTW, it's pink with pink leopard print on the inside! Eeek!

Here's what's in the bag!!! Woo hoo! Well worth $10. Seriously!

Let me break down the actual products for you--

POP Beauty- Plump Pout Mini 
(I got Fuchsia Freesia)
 The Glam room tells all about the product and also gives you a code to get 25% off any purchase at!

Nail Polish
(I got the color DOT)
In your glam room it will tell you all about the product and offer you a discount at
If you buy 2 nail polishes, you get one free as well as a Free Zoya remove.

Tini Beauty 
Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One
( I got the color Violette)
I would never buy this color on my own, so I am super excited to try it out! I love the color!
In the glam room you get a code at for 50% off any purchase AND free nail polish!
skyn ICELAND- Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud
You will get 50% off one product and 20% off additional products at their website!
J.Cat Beauty- Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue
(I got EL15)
I am excited to try these lashes. I am a little nervous that they may be too dramatic! However, if I like them.. there is a code for 25% off at, and I can get another pair that might be a little more subtle.
I will definitely be continueing my subscription! I am loving it!
Here's my referral link-

Also, if you want to check out Ipsy a little more before you commit to $10 a month, check out their website and visit youtube! Youtube beauty gurus always post in depth reviews complete with honest opinions and swatches!!! Remember, not every one gets the same thing every month.... I find it fun to look and see what other Ipsy subscribers get! 
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