Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pooch Pax Review

Make pampering your pooch fun and easy with a surprise gift box of yummy treats and fun toys delivered right to your door every month with free shipping.

You can choose the 1 month plan, the 3 month plan or the 6 month plan.
The 6 month plan is the best deal! This makes your Pooch Pax box only $19.99 a month and saves you 35%!!

You can also customize the box to the size of your pet. You can choose small, medium or large!

I LOVE Pooch Pax include a variety of great snacks, toys and other pet friendly products. I like being able to try out new things with the Pups, but the nearest Pet store is over an hour away. I have received things in the Pooch Pax that I never thought I would buy from the store, but surprisingly... I liked it! (More importantly the Pups like it!) I love spoiling our animals!!! I mean, what says "I love you" better than a box of surprises every month!?

The honest truth? It's so worth it!

Here's the Pooch Pax box that the Pups got.

They loved everything in the box, especially this ball that would light up when it bounces! They went wild!

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