Friday, January 17, 2014

Keep or toss!!!

I have decided to start a "series" of blog posts reviewing RANDOM products and letting you all know whether or not I would keep them or toss them!

These will most likely be beauty products of some type. More than likely they will be INEXPENSIVE (I am sorry, I don't like spending money if I don't have to!!!! HA!) Maybe I can help you save money!
These are my honest opinions.
****These are products that I buy myself. I will still be reviewing other products such as clothes, pet stuff, jewelry, accessories, etc. for companies. I will NOT include those posts in my "Keep or Toss" series. This is strictly for the products I buy myself.****

NEUTROGENA Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

You can pick this up at just about any drug store. I am sure that Walmart and Target carries this too. I got it from because they had an awesome coupon code + free shipping. 

PRICE POINT- It's cheap.I have seen it go for $5 to $8. If you have a coupon or it's on sale you can get it for under $4 (like I did!).

I LOVE IT!!!! I will buy this OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

It works better than the expensive deep conditioners. I put some on my hands and ran it through my hair and it went through like butter! Girls, I am telling you.... this is one of my "Holy Grail" products. I won't be able to live without it anymore! I have very dry and damaged hair and this product is a miracle! 

Save yourself the money and just get this! It works!

PLUS WHITE 5 minute teeth whitener system

PRICE POINT- CHEAP! You get this whole kit for around $10 to $16. I had a coupon (of course) so I got it for about $8. You all know how much a whitening system can cost!!! This is cheap!

This kit comes with the whitening gel, a tray, and stain guard rinse.

First, let me say, I have only used it once and I kept it on for about 18 minutes. The directions state 5 minutes daily for upkeep, however... you can use this twice a day for a couple of weeks for about 20 minutes if your teeth are really stained.
I am a coffee and tea drinker. My teeth aren't terrible, but I want them to bling!!!

Did it work? YES! Granted, it was a small change, but I am confident that using it every day for a couple of weeks is going to bling out my smile!

Warning- Take my word for it and stand in front of the sink while you do this. You are going to drool like a rabid dog! Seriously, that was the only downside!!! Once I get to the point where I am only using it for 5 minutes, I don't think this will be much of a problem. However, if you are using it for 20 minutes at a time... you just need to hover your mouth over the sink after about 10 minutes. You are going to produce a steady drool ..... Unless that's just me. Ha! It could be just me!

WET AND WILD makeup palettes

PRICE POINT- CHEAP! The big palette was about $4, the smaller ones are usually $2.99.

These have been compared to the Naked Palettes. We all know how expensive those are. I am not spending that much on makeup!

What did I think???

Holy pigmentation Batman!!!!! These suckers pack a punch!!! You only need a little to produce dramatic results. I was honestly shocked!!! They have staying power too.

If you don't have the money to try out the naked palettes, these are a great alternative! You can get every single palette and experiment to your hearts content without having to declare bankruptcy!!!

I think for every day use, my GO TO palette would be the "Walking on Eggshells" palette. LOVE IT!

I think I will have to do a blog post JUST about "Dupes" of expensive products that actually work!
The Wet and Wild line of eye shadows are so worth it!

e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder

PRICE POINT- It's a deal. It's only $6.

I have seen people rave about this product! I was so excited to get it. I got the white "translucent" powder.

What did I think? 

Seriously!  I may try it again.... maybe I did it wrong... but should powder be complicated?

It claims to add soft focus to your face while concealing fine lines... blah blah. It made my face have a ghostly sheen to it. I barely used any! I shook off excess before I put it on my face. I don't know... I don't think it's for me. Maybe the Shimmer or the Yellow corrective tone powder works better. I don't know. I won't buy it again.

I just realized how many E.L.F. Products that I have bought recently. I think they need to have their own post to review them! Here's what I got in the mail the other day--

All that for only $37 and free shipping!!

Stay tuned for a review of some of the E.L.F. products I have tried! It will be worth the read!

Here are some random photos from last night after I tried out some of my new beauty products! lol!

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