Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inspiration Post- Jan 29th

Ok, here's what has been inspiring me lately. I am constantly in awe of the talent of people! I wish that some would rub off on me!!!

HOLY COW, loving this table make over! Don't pass over those "UGLY" tables people. Sometimes they can be turned into something GORGEOUS!

Step by step on how to create this AWESOME jewelry try! I am so loving this!

MIND BLOWN! What a creative way to add pizazz to your drawers!! I absolutely LOVE this!!

First of all, how great is this photo! Someone gets creative points on their staging!!! Great job! Ok, but more than that... homemade Liquid Soap from bar soap! Save lots of money! That's always a good thing!

This inspires me so much!!!  I see those ugly little chests at GoodWill all the time. Usually for a $1 or $2! I have never thought they were worth fooling with until now! Paint it white, change the knobs and you have a BEAUTIFUL place to store things! (I am thinking makeup/jewelry!!!)

DIY Bleach Gel- This is genius! This is going to save me so much money!

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