Saturday, January 04, 2014

New Years Resolution...

Can you guess what mine is??? I will give you a hint.. it involves this blog and the sad, sad, neglected state it's in!

I am going to post on this blog more!!!! 


This year I want to be a better me and I would love to document my journey on the blog.

I have been struggling with what direction to take this blog. I feel like only doing reviews and giveaways just make my blog cold, and impersonal. (Maybe that's just me!) I won't stop the reviews and giveaways (WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GIVEAWAY!??).. but I am going to try and gear it into the new direction I want my life to take.

I am hoping that by promising to post on my blog I will be held accountable for actually doing it!!! Maybe by the end of the year I can look back and see just how far I have come! *Fingers Crossed!

For years I was a "Digital Graphic Designer". That was my job. Now that I don't do that anymore... I kind of don't know what to do with myself. I have found myself struggling to find my purpose and to feel as if I am contributing to the household/family.

Here are some of the things I will be posting more about----
(I hope that maybe someone can relate)

1- My weight/ lack of energy. These two things kind of go together.
I have gained weight in the last couple of years and have just kind of been lethargic and unmotivated. I am by no means overweight. However, I am far from the weight I feel comfortable with.

So, I have ordered Plexus slim and I plan to document my journey with that.
(disclaimer- I chose Plexus slim because it is not only for weight loss, but for energy and it doesn't include the stimulants that make me feel sick or my heart race.) I will get into Plexus more in the future!

I want to start posting about some great healthy snacks, meals, etc that don't take a lot of effort. Let's face it, I am kinda lazy. (Just being real)

I want to post some quick workouts and ways to ease into a workout routine. (remember, I am lazy. If I can do it, you can do it.) I am keeping it real. You won't see any photos of me planking or running a marathon. I am lazy. I am unmotivated and I am going to try and find some exercises that will coax me into working out.

2- Makeup/ hair/ general beauty stuff. I am not that much of a girly girl. I am all about quick and easy ways to look good. I have been reading, and watching you tube videos and hope to share some of the things that I am learning!

I will include things like- 
Top knots, buns (can't get enough)
Cheap knock offs of expensive makeup (Did I mention I am cheap)
Fun makeup looks
Learning how to apply fake eyelashes (seriously, still trying that)
At home beauty remedies

3- Fashion on a budget (Cheap, cheap, cheap)

Deals and bargains
Outfit ideas

4- Organizing/ Household tips and tricks

I am hoping that I will stick to this and try and incorporate some great reviews and giveaways as I go!

This blog is going to be more geared towards my personal journey to better myself/ my life and I hope that it will help at least one person along the way. :)

This blog is about to get PERSONAL! Wish me luck!

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