Sunday, January 05, 2014

ORGANIZE-- Let's talk planners!!


Let's get organized {IN STYLE}

I am a sucker for cute planners, notebooks, etc!

I have compiled a list of planners that are not only cute, but functional. 

I am lost without mine! 
 If you already have one, you know what I am talking about. If you don't,
it's time to get serious.. If you want to keep your life organized, you must have a planner!

There are TONS of planners to choose from and each one offers something different! Only you can know which one will work for you... but I have a HUGE list to get you started!

Don't forget the accessories to totally customize your planner! Tabs, clips, decorative tapes, colored pens, markers... etc! Make it fun and make it YOURS!!!

Take a look at my collection of notebook and planners from the last few years--
(sorry for the glare... I just wanted to take a quick picture for you!)


(in no particular order)

We have all heard of her, right? If you haven't... where on earth have you been!? Some consider this "The Holy Grail of Planners"

ERIN CONDREN kind of has a cult following! She has a kick butt Pinterest that shows all the uses for her many products.
There are even YOU TUBE videos of people "unboxing and reviewing" the planners! 
Seriously, check these out -- ERIN CONDREN YOUTUBE SEARCH

Lots of ways to personalize these Planners! Erin has thought of everything! You can get pens, photo stickers (Of whatever you choose... even your family or pet!), the sky is the limit!

Very stylish!
 They even have an option to buy a Planner with a notebook. I like that idea. I use a separate notebook to keep detailed daily "to do list" and use my Planner for a general way to keep up with dates and deadlines.

You can buy these in her Etsy shop 

There's lots of into on her site, even a video showing just what this planner can do!

This one is super cute!

Lots of ways to customize! You can monogram it, put a photo on it, add to it, etc.

These are super cute and are super affordable! The website offers lots of variety and lots of info about their planners! There's a video too!


Totally smitten with these designs! I love how you can totally choose the look and function of your planner! This is a great buy!

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