Sunday, January 05, 2014

Feed Safe Review


What in the world is Feed Safe?

The portable Feed-Safe™ feeding station, creates a safe haven for your smaller pet and its food by housing it within a fashionable dome that provides a secure, hassle-free environment.

Makes Feeding A Breeze
Convenient removable and stowable
lid allows easy access to the included
stainless steel food and water bowls

Adjustable Sliding Door
Locks into position, allowing your
smaller pet into the dome while
keeping your larger pets out.

Alternate Exit
Lifts for quick alternative egress
if entrance blocked or closed
for secure feeding.

Here's a video that shows you just how it works!

 I was excited to review the Feed Safe for Libby. Having 3 dogs in the house made it impossible to keep her water and food bowl filled. Libby is a "grazer"  so she would never sit down and eat a whole meal at a time. The dogs would swoop in and eat her food... all. day. long!

My honest Opinion-- 

Libby started using it right away! As soon as we assembled it and put her food in, she was anxious to get in there and start munching!

Here are some pictures--

 This is what the inside looks like before you assemble it.

Here it is all assembled! The top lifts off for easy access!

This is what it looks like with the lid off. You can see that she can eat in peace.

The dogs want nothing to do with this crazy contraption!

As you can see... Libby loves to leave her tail hanging out as she eats! lol

I give this product TWO THUMBS UP! If you have a problem keeping your dogs out of the cat's food, this is the best thing for you! I would recommend it again and again!


Here's more details about the product and what is included--

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