Friday, January 21, 2011

REVIEW--Lilly & Abbie Custom Dog Beds

I really cannot express to you how much I LOVE the custom dog bed that Michelle sent for my dogs. I got to pick out the shape, the size, and even the fabrics! You can choose 3 fabrics so that your bed is totally custom! Here are ALL of the fabrics you can choose from! YUMMY!

Here are the spoiled pups enjoying their luxurious bed!

It's big enough that they curl up together. Soo cute! I have already had to wash it and I was scared that it wouldn't hold up! I mean, I am in LOVE with this dog bed and I was afraid to ruin it! It came out fine! It's going to hold up to hundreds of washes, NO PROBLEM! I love that! I don't have to be worried about my dogs tearing it up!

When the Dog bed first came in, my son asked if he could have a bed made for him too! Seriously. This thing is like a luxury hotel bed! lol.

 You can also order waterproof liners to protect the insert! I think that would be a very wise investment because this bed is going to last a very long time!

More pictures--

Look at some of the other Custom made dog beds...could you die?!!!

Fan of black a white? Look at the Black and White Collection ! Absolutely gorgeous!

If you really want to spoil your pet, check out Lilly & Abbie Signature Dog Carriers!
 These are so ultra cute that I can hardly stand it! Oh my goodness. I wish my dogs weighed just a little I wonder if I could stuff their big butts into these!?

Just look at these! swoooon!!!

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