Monday, January 10, 2011

HURRY HURRY! Molly Mutt on sale!

Molly Mutt on sale at the Foundry again! Hurry they go so dang quick!!!

These beds are only $16!!!!!!! The shampoo is only $9.00!

(Yes, you have to sign up initially...but it's free and you get the inside info on all the good deals! ;)


Lisa said...

Thanks for the link! We have a Molly Mutts bed for our dog and really need a new one!

mean mom productions said...

our puppy is not big enough for a bed. she still likes 2 be cuddled.
Thanks for the heads up. Did you see the layout I did using the dog kit you made?

1grown2togo said...

Thank you for the Link!! Looks like an awesome site!! I found you on the blog hop can't wait to keep up with your blog I also sent you a FB request (ChrisShariAlligood) ~~Shari

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