Monday, January 10, 2011

Make your dog smile Review and GIVEAWAY!

Hand-stamped pet id tags to Make Your Dog Smile!
You HAVE to check this etsy shop out. The dog tags are like jewelry! They are super sturdy too! I was seriously worried about Mollie wearing her beautiful tag (She goes through tags and collars in just weeks)...but this tag has showed no signs of wear! It is totally Boston proof! She is not getting this sucker off! lol
Let me show you some of my favorite designs from

Check out Mollie and Miles' tags. (Mile's tag says "Moose" which was going to be his name until my husband changed it AT THE LAST MINUTE! Now Moose is his nickname. ;) lol)

AND... this next picture means "back away slowly with the camera and no one gets hurt". Mollie was DONE with having her picture taken. lol's Mile's tag. I had to use the cast iron Boston terrier doorstop as a stand in because it takes a miracle from God to get a puppy to stay still enough to get a clear picture of it's tag. 

MAKE YOUR DOG SMILE is giving away a tag to one winner!


Just comment and tell me which tag you like best!

(please leave separate comments for each entry!)

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