Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A penguin keeps my son healthy...seriously. (REVIEW)

No, I haven't lost my mind (well, that depends on who you ask!) 
My son received a Crane Penguin Cool mist humidifier to try out. 

Let me tell you about it, and a little about Talon's history with illness.

Talon was born at 35 weeks. It is a struggle to keep Talon well. He will catch any cold within a 50 mile radius. Every year since he was born (it's been 7 years) he gets the Croup in the fall. EVERY YEAR he ends up in the E.R. struggling to breathe and receives breathing treatments. It's scary for us and for him. Actually, it's terrifying. I dread this time of year.

I have heard about Crane's Cool mist humidifiers and wondered if this was actually something I needed to try. I mean, I have to do something different this year. The regular humidifiers weren't cutting it.

I actually contacted Crane and told them about Talon's situation. They offered to send me a humidifier at no cost to me. I'm serious! They even sent me info on how the humidifier helps to relieve colds and flus, as well as info on how the humidifier may even help PREVENT illness.

Talon picked out the Penguin humidifier. (I would have gone with the frog, but whatever)
When it came in you would have thought that it was Christmas! He was totally in awe of this thing!
Before bed he makes sure we have his humidifier on!

So far we have had the humidifier for a couple of months and Talon has had no croup episodes. Now, I know fall is just beginning...but it's at the very beginning of fall when Talon starts his croup symptoms. This year..NOTHING...NADA...NO CROUP. I say that as I cross my fingers that this will continue to work.

The humidifier is ultra silent. The cool mist can be seen coming out of the penguin's mouth ( how cute)..and so far it's working it's magic! I had to blog about this and let everyone know how great the cool mist humidifiers are. I know that I am not the only one that struggles to keep my child well. If there are ANY alternatives to medicine, I always want to try that first. The humidifiers are a PERFECT solution.

Here's some excerpts from the info that Crane sent to me. (They say it better than I do)

One of the most important things when a child is sick is a good night’s sleep.  Crane offers just that, a peaceful night’s sleep.  Crane Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifiers are whisper quiet, do not require a filter, runs up to 24 hours and has an automatic shut off for when the tank is empty.  The humidifier emits up to 2.1 gallons of moisture output a day.  Crane's ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are safe for children because they do not heat the water with hot elements that could possibly burn children.

A March 2009 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found evidence that humidity in the air reduces the survival and transmission of flu viruses.  Dry air not only chaps your lips, hands and dries nasal passages but dry air also allows viruses to spread quickly from person to person.  The finding suggests that using a humidifier may be a good idea in places where the spread of influenza poses a threat, as long as sensitivity to moisture-loving mold and spores isn't a problem.

Cool Mist humidifiers have been pediatricians’ recommendation to the last year’s FDA withdrawal of children’s over the counter cold and cough medicine.  Humidifiers not only add moisture to relieve nasal congestion and dry itchy coughs but also may fight future flu viruses.

Crane’s energy efficient Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers run quietly up to 11 hours emits 2.5 gallons of moisture with automatic shut off.  The bright designs add a bit of fun and whimsy to any room.  Crane Humidifiers ($39.99-$49.99) are currently sold at Target, Bed, and Bath and Beyond, Babies R Us.  Visit www.crane-usa.com for all of Crane’s products.
Thank you Crane for sending me this product to review. My son thanks you too!

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