Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another upcoming Review post!

We all love CSN stores, don't we? They have EVERYTHING! With the Holidays upon us, I can think of several things that would be PERFECT! I have been looking at the tv tables for my living room.

As I was looking around, I found this beauty. LOVE IT!

I could get that, it would be practical, right? Then again, we are getting a new puppy in February. So, I looked at some of the pet stuff they have. Here's my wish list for our new addition. lol

What? A Molly Mutt dog bed? Didn't I just buy one of those? Ummm no. I was so excited to rush to my blog to let everyone know about the "deal" that by the time I got back to the site (that shall not be named in this post) that was selling the dog beds, they were ALL SOLD OUT! It was only 10 minutes, for crying out loud. I am still bitter.

Hmmm...decisions. I will definitely keep you updated. This will be a fun review! ;)
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