Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have you seen this Toothbrush?? {Review}

 Is that a fun looking toothbrush or what? When I was given the opportunity to try out this neat looking toothbrush, well...I couldn't turn it down. I love trying new products and telling my peeps about it.
When it first arrived I thought, Oh my...the brush on that thing could brush my WHOLE mouth at once. It's pretty big. lol. Once I started using it, I was really amazed at what all it could reach. When I was done, my mouth was clean. Not only my mouth, but my gums too! The bristles are soft so it didn't hurt my gums at all. The angle on the brush really helps it to get into the tight spots. I am so impressed!
I was also sent a KIDZ toothbrush for Talon to try. He thinks it's so fun that I don't even have to make him brush his teeth! He loves his "neato" toothbrush! Hallelujah! 
Now I will have to get my other 2 kids one...oh, and one for my husband. This brush is fabulous!
Here are more reasons why these tooth brushes are so fabulous!

  Features of the Original Radius:
Lasts longer than ordinary brushes - replace every 9 months.
6500 nylon bristles with a very high tuft count - removes plaque more effectively.
Wide oval head distributes pressure, protects and massages sensitive gum tissue.
Right or left hand ergonomic handle promotes comfortable and precise brushing.
60% of our users report it lasting three times longer than a standard toothbrush. Dramatically increases softness and efficacy of brushing with 65% more bristle tufts than ordinary toothbrush.
Our cellulose handle is made from trees and processed from sustainable yield forests into 100% renewable resource plastic.
Beautiful Beach Glass Collection with unique bubbles in each toothbrush handle currently available for purchase.
accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).

  Read the very interesting history HERE.

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