Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Shaklee Review and Giveaway!

The first time I heard of Shaklee was when I visited a wonderful blog called HOUSE OF GRACE.
Bonnie makes cleaning look easy and fun. I found myself going back again and again to get advice on cleaning tips, etc. You have to check out her cleaning schedule. It may seem daunting at first, but Shaklee products make it easier. ( I know that sounds so much like an infomercial, but I am so serious when I say that! )
 It's really fun to clean when you only have to use minimal effort to get the job done. The cleaners do the work for you. Read more about Bonnie's Shaklee site HERE.

I read the info about Shaklee cleaners and how much money you can save...and well, the rest is history. I am converted. I will not buy harsh chemical cleaners any more. I have been converting all of my household cleaners to green products, and when I found Shaklee I was overjoyed with the choices! Everything you need is there...AND it's eco-friendly...AND it's economical!

Let's talk about the savings. Bear with me, this is going to be quick. I won't overwhelm you with numbers. It's pretty simple.  
You would have to spend $3400 to get the same amount of clean in the Get Clean Starter Kit.

Now, let me talk a little bit about why this product is eco-friendly. When you buy the Get Clean starter kit you keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.
Now that's not only smart, but that's cool.
On Bonnie's blog you can read about LOTS of reasons why you should use Shaklee Products. It's a great read...you would not believe what cleaners and products out there have toxins in them! We don't want toxins in our house, do we? We most certainly don't want to CLEAN our house with toxins. **SHUDDER**

When I first got the products I was amazed by how little of the product you need to actually clean your house! In the spray bottles I followed the directions (right on the bottle) and mixed the appropriate amount of
Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate with water. The bottle of Basic H2 is going to last a LONG time! I like that!

On to the pictures! I want you to see how great these cleaners work!

(When you see the before pictures....Don't judge. lol) 
Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge- if you must. lol

 As ashamed as I am to show you my oven, I feel I must. Look if you dare, but be warned...it's not pretty!

I was so excited with the results that I cleaned EVERYTHING in the house that I could get my hands on! My house was so clean when I finished. After I cleaned there was no harsh chemical smell. My house just sparkled and smelled clean.

You can purchase any Shaklee product HERE.
Contact Bonnie Donahue to find out about a Shaklee membership (a $19.95 one time fee with no minimum orders to maintain membership) and NEW MEMBER deals! 

Bonnie (Donahue Wellness) is offering a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP on all overs over $70 (member price) for the month of Nov. only!  The membership gets 15% off ALL PRODUCTS and there is no requirements to maintain a membership.
10 winners will receive a sample of  Basic H
These samples can make 2 bottles of powerful cleaner when diluted in 16 ounces of water. 
(You really have to try this stuff! You will be amazed!)
**ENDS NOVEMBER 16th midnight**

Please go to Bonnie's Shaklee site- Donahue Wellness 
and let me know what product you would love to have.

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