Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sleeping in luxury- CSN {REVIEW}

We recently took a trip to Huntsville, Alabama. I think my favorite part of the trip was the hotel. More specifically, the bed. The big, fluffy king size bed. It was heaven! I told my husband that I can't sleep on our mattresses anymore. I need new mattresses asap. I was getting spoiled by the hotel bed, and frankly....I think I deserved it. Our mattresses are old and uncomfortable.

Well, we can't afford new mattresses right now. Mattresses will come after the french doors and new dryer. lol. We came home from the trip, and I slept in our bed and felt defeated. I tossed, I turned, I pouted. Sigh.

I was contacted by to do a review. I looked at the website. They have 1 million and one things to buy. Oh, what to review. It was then that I came across this lovely product.
Could this be the answer to my prayers? It looks fluffy and luxurious. It looks soft and comfortable.

 Would it transform our pitiful mattresses into a hotel bed?

I ordered this feather bed and stalked the shipping info page until it arrived. It shipped the next day. It only took a few days to arrive! Much earlier than the estimated arrival time that they gave on the website.

The day it was due to arrive I washed all our bed linens. I wanted our bed to have a fresh start. It arrived, I tore it out of the box and started running down the hall with it. (Ummm yes, I was that excited). I realized I had to take a picture of it first.

Here's the lame

I opened this bad boy up and put it on our bed. Just putting that on the bed made it taller. It's heavy, too! I made the bed up and made sure that the kids and animals stayed off the bed. NO ONE would test that bed before me!

Let me tell you. This thing is from heaven above. It's so soft and luxurious! I don't even think about how old our mattresses are! This feather bed transformed our bed. It brought new life to our old mattresses! The only down side is that it is super hard to get up in the morning now! lol. I want to sleep all day.

My experience with buying from / CSN stores was a 10 out of a possible 10. I had no problem what so ever with the ordering, shipping, billing process. It went smooth. They know what they are doing. ;)

I have also purchased another product from CSN stores. I ordered this a few months ago.
I got the large can so that I could store the BIG bag of dog food. 

It's huge! It stores a lot of dog food. The scoop is wonderful. It's much better than using my hands or a plastic scoop. Again, the billing, shipping, etc. was fabulous when I ordered this. I had no problems at all. I am giving this experience a 10 out of 10, too. Plus, it's adorable. This gets points for storing the dog food in a very cute way! ;)

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