Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giveaway Scout

Have you heard of them? It's a great new way to list your giveaways or look for giveaways to enter. You can even put it on your igoogle page! Fabulous!

Check it out-

If you already use this service, please leave me a little comment and tell me how you like it.


cscottdraw said...

I love that site! Its actually how I came across this great blog, as well as others that I really enjoy. Its a great tool for bloggers to use to generate some new hits and get their giveaways out in the open =)

Aoife.Troxel said...

I found out about it yesterday and went crazy. I think it's very handy, but I didn't get the impression a lot of people used it. It seems rather shoddily put together, or maybe that is just the hosters of the give-aways?
I found this blog from it too, so I guess it isn't that bad :)

leemeandthegirls said...

So I talked about your blog today...basically I just can't help myself. :) Hope you enjoy!

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