Sunday, August 15, 2010

**CLOSED**Blush Accessories Giveaway!


Blush Accessories welcomes you to a product that helps adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly. This is a shirt that is to be worn like a tube top, but around the waist. Our product is made of a poly/rayon/spandex blend, allowing a huge amount of stretch and great support.

If you love the look of layering without adding the extra bulk and straps, this is a product for you. Unlike a tank top or long shirt, it does not have straps which cause your undershirt to constantly ride up. It stays put without having to always readjust. Without straps, you are not limited to where the length of your shirt falls. You can adjust to any length, whether you want it to go just over the top of your pants or all the way down to your thigh. For all your favorite shirts that have shrunk in the dryer….don't throw them away! Just add a {topless undershirt} and you still have the length of the shirt you bought it as.

Most of all, we love the colors and style it adds to any outfit. The soft blend of fabric makes the undershirt so comfortable, you can't even tell it is there. And no worries...with the tapered shape and spandex blend, the garment stays put and it will not fall. You will love this product just as much as us...ENJOY!


 Blush Accessories sent me the brown topless undershirt.

I wore it under a t-shirt when we went to the carnival the other night. I wore a T-shirt that I would not wear without an undershirt because it rides up whenever I bend over or stretch.

Blush undershirts really live up to their word! I would have MELTED if I had actually worn a full undershirt under my t-shirt. It was 100 degrees out. I was able to cover up everything that did not need to be seen and still was able to survive the intense heat. The undershirt is really soft.


Blush Accessories is giving away an undershirt in your size to one winner.

**ENDS AUGUST 28th midnight**


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