Friday, January 12, 2007

Yup, he is sick..and I am a moron.

Poor baby. Brian prob. has strep throat. Well, the doctor didn't do a swab, but he says that the antibiotics he gave him will cover strep throat, as well as a bunch of other, it was senseless to swab him.
He woke up this morning burning, he gets to stay at home. He is pitiful. He never gets sick, so he is really taking this personally. lol.

Now on to why I am a moron. **confession time- When I get stressed, or nervous I act like a moron. I forget simple things. I shut down.**

Okay, I get to the window to sign Brian in. I forget his birthday. She asks me, I go blank. Finally, I get it together and I come up with an answer (could've been wrong, though). Then she asked his middle initial....again, she is met with a blank stare.' I really shouldn't be able to leave the house, much less take care of small children. Brian (8 years old) shakes his head, and holds his hand out and says to the lady, " Just give me the papers, I will fill them out."

I almost went into a hyena laugh. (My hyena laugh is my nervous laugh. I can hyena laugh at funerals, churches, or anywhere that is completely inappropriate.---FYI- When Talon threw up all over Danny in Wal mart...I hyena laughed)

Anyway, Thank God that I pulled it together enough for her not to call the police on me. I swear, I kept thinking she would hit a panic button or something under the desk (not that a doctor's office would have a panic ...because everyone started looking at me like I had kidnapped this kid. I explained to her that when I get nervous I can't remember anything important. She just looked at me. Mmmmkay. Ugh.

I called Danny on the way home. All I could do is laugh at this point. I told him what happened. He just sighed and told me that I need to calm down. Yes, calm down. He is absolutely right. I have no idea what on earth is wrong with me.

I can break down like this on the phone too. I called a furniture place one time and had to leave two messages, the first one was incoherent. lol. I called and I totally locked up, couldn't remember what in the heck I was calling about. Then, I couldn't remember my call back number. lol.! Also, the more nervous I get, the higher pitched my voice is. If I am really nervous.. it is like I am just dog whistling. The human ear can't hear it, I am just calling the dogs.
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