Monday, January 08, 2007

Chandler is home!

He got home yesterday, and I went to visit. He was totally in a bad mood, and has the habit now of hitting himself in the head. So, every time I tried to talk to him or hold him, he started beating himself up! lol! Poor baby. He is just so emotional right now! ;) He is still running a fever, but it has been in check. He had a check up today and the doctor thinks he is doing just fine. He is getting over the yucky stuff. Now they just have to be careful because whenever he gets sick now, he will be prone to have more seizures if he runs a fever. (They say he will out grow this, thank goodness.)

Thanks for the prayers. ;)


Bree said...

((hugs)) for you guys having to deal with this! Mason had febrial seizures as well (it's what got him into the hospital, and eventually led to the diagnosis), and they put him on some anti-seizure meds. They tasted awful, and he refused to take them, so we had them take him off the drugs. But, you are right, they will outgrow it...they told us that without the meds, he was more likely...BUT, if he didn't have another seizure within 18 months, that the chances of him having another were slim to none. He hasn't had another one, thankfully! I hope that everything with Chandler goes well and that he doesn't have any more seizures...they are terrifying as a parent!!

Anonymous said...

I was flying through the blogs today and noticed your post. Hope all is well with your son and know that you are in my prayers. Nothing is worse than a sick child.

God Bless.

Yen said...

Hope everything will be fine soon,Michelle! More prayers sending your way!

And I have been trying to find your Glad I found it just now! Thank you too for the love:)

Now, all I have to do is to link this up!


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