Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pray for little Chan man

Chandler (my twin's little boy) is in the hospital. The doctor thinks he has Roseola.
He started running a fever, then he had a seizure. The doctors think the seizure is because his fever spiked so suddenly. You can read about Febrile seizures here
Anyway, he was admitted yesterday because he had a seizure, and they want to monitor him. He had another one last, Chan man has to stay another night.

I know he is fine, I am just so worried about the little stinker. Here is a picture that Leah sent me (she snapped it with her cell phone- that is why the quality is sooo bad).. He is in his little hospital gown (sniff sniff). (I had to try and fix the picture a little in photoshop-it was so dark, you could hardly see it.)

So, just say a little prayer that Chandler will get better asap and come home tomorrow. (and pray that Leah (my twin) makes it through another night in the hospital.) It has been scary for her, and Nathan..and I am sure that Chandler would rather be home than in this hospital. sigh.

Here is a layout that I did of Chandler (one of my favorite of him) This was June of last year, but just shows you what a cutie he is! lol! ;) I love my Chan man!


Kelly said...

Awww! He is adorable!!

My husband had febrile seizures when he was a baby... like just a few months old. His mom said it was the scariest thing EVER and even know, 25 years later, he still spikes HIGH fevers quick! We were told it is hereditary by one of my son's doctors so I am always nervous it will happen to our son! Anyway, I hope he gets better ASAP! And I am saying a little prayer!

jomi said...

What a sweety!! I know how scraed you must have been. My oldest son Mitchell had febrile seizures when we was 18 months old. He had 3 of those attacks in 24 hours which is very rare. But once the fever went down he was home within a day. So I hope you ahve him home again and you are all doing fine :) What a way to start 2007.

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