Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am off to the doctor..

Well, I have to take Brian to the doctor. Wish me luck, I friggen hate it! He has a super bad sore throat, and he is in a lot of pain (he never really complains of being sick- so, I know he is sick when he starts telling me he is sick) Anyway, I am hoping that I won't be at the doctor's office forever. {{Lord grant me the serenity to get through a visit to the doctor's office with out having to kill one of my kids. }}

You know, there is a fine line of knowing when to take your child to the doctor. I really wait until the last minute. My mother use to take us to the doctor weekly (which is prob. why I hate going now)...and the doctors would groan when they saw her coming. I am always worried that a) they will act like I am a nut for taking him in just for a sore throat...or b) they will chastise me for waiting so long to take him in, and he has some sort of crazy bad illness.

UGH. I will bet you money that it will be a simple sore throat that requires nothing but TLC and some over the counter cold meds. (but you never can be too sure). I am a little freaky about it right now with Chandler just getting out of the hospital.

I will let you guys know what happens.
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