Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cozy Cat Comforters Giveaway



 Cozy Cat Comforters are my, one of a kind, hand-crafted. no-sew, cat comforters with a large lounging area of 21"x 26", big enough to accommodate two cuddling cats, or one cat that likes to sprawl out! Comforters are made out of fleece and are filled with two layers of batting and can be machine washed or vacuumed to remove fur. They are very soft and every cat that has one absolutely loves it, and they think that they are purr-fect! You can use them to protect your furniture by putting them on one of your cat's favorite lounging areas, such as on the back of a chair, or as one of my own cats prefers, on the chaise lounge. You can also use them to create a cozy NEW spot for your feline friend to lounge, such as infront of a glass door so they can be comfortable as they watch outside activities. Where ever you put it, your cat will find it! Cozy Cat Comforters can also be placed in cat carriers to make trips, especially trips to the vet's office, less stressful. FACT - Cats sleep 18 hours a day, Cozy Cat Comforters will give your cat the most cozy and comfortable lounging area to achieve top sleep! Cats think that they are just PURR-fect! 

A comforter for your kitty! Why not! They deserve it!
They are sure to find a design they love. Just look at all these wonderful comforters! 

 Libby got matching catnip toys with her comforter. They have a little bell on it and she adores them!
You can buy those here too!

Libby loves her Cozy Cat Comforter!



The winner can have their choice of of any of the Cozy Cat Comforters ($25) or kitten comforters ($10) and a bag of matching toys ($3.50)
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Cozy Cat Comforters LOVES  Friends of the Bristol Animal Shelter-

Look at this lovely beauty that's available from that shelter-

Bristol, RI

Brie is an all white, blue-eyed, short-haired cat. She is about 5 years old. She really does not like other cats and they cause her a lot of stress here at the shelter. She is affectionate, but does have some "cat-titude" due to the stress of the other cats. Once Brie is in her forever home, she is going to be a very sweet and loyal cat. She doesn't like dogs, but doesn't mind them around.

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