Friday, July 13, 2012

All about Libby..

This is Libby, our rescued kitty.
We adopted her on March 25, 2012.
She is a Maine Coon kitten. 

She has stolen our hearts and now she owns us! I can't imagine a day without her. Knowing that we saved her makes her even more special. How lucky are we?

She and her brother were owner surrendered. I don't know the circumstances, however...I do know that it would not have happened if the mother or father were spayed/neutered.

Here are her first pictures..

These were taken at the shelter. The moment I saw her, I fell in love. The second picture is her talking to me. I think she knew that she was coming home with me!

Here's a picture of her brother.

Look at how big his paws are! He was twice the size of Libby.
What a beautiful Maine Coon he will make! 
I would have taken him too, but there was a lovely young lady adopting him while I was there.
He looked so much like a cat I used to know. :)

Do you remember Cody? Yes, that's me and Cody...all 23 glorious pounds of him!
This was in 08, maybe 09. I can't remember. (eeek, sorry)

Cody, the Maine Coon that we got by default when my brother's family had to move to Japan. He was adopted from a shelter in Alaska. Cody was too old to make such a trip, and we were so honored to have him with us his last years. He was the best cat ever. Libby is a kitten, but she reminds me so much of Cody. I guess it's the Maine Coon Attitude.

You are going to be reading A LOT more about Libby.
She is going to be my "Poster kitty" for adoption and spaying and neutering your pets. Yes, I want to spread awareness...NO, I won't be cramming it in your face.

In the upcoming days and weeks I will be hosting giveaways and doing reviews on Pet products. I will also be giving some great information on spay/neuter programs as well as highlighting some very deserving pets that need a home.

There are so many animals in shelters that deserve a great home. If you can, please adopt before you shop. I could have bought a Maine Coon kitten online (and paid a lot more money), but I just so happened upon one in my local shelter. There are lots of purebred dogs and cats in shelters, if that's what you are looking for. Please consider going that route instead of buying one.

I will still be reviewing/giving away NON-pet products. Don't worry! However, you pet lovers are in luck! There will be lots of goodies to win! :)

I will try and feature an adoptable pet and/or shelter or rescue in each Review/giveaway post.


Meet Boo Boo! He's a great, friendly guy who, by no fault of his own, is looking for a new forever home! He is 4 years old, neutered, up to date on his shots and is declawed. Looking for a loving, indoor home for this handsome boy.

He is in the Independence Animal Control Shelter in  Independence, OH.

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