Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Both Furbabies had a day at the vet...

I won't be posting a Review/giveaway today.
Booo..I know. The furbabies need extra love and attention.
Titan got neutered and Libby got blood drawn, a fecal test, and a shot. 
They are both big babies.

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winners to-



I will also be posting a couple of giveaways! ;)

Here are some pictures of my sad Fur babies today--

Libby before shots-

 Here she is at home after the vet experience-

Can you see her? She is all cuddled up with her leopard blanket in a basket.

And this is poor Titan after the vet-

He came in, went to his crate.. and that's where he stayed for a few hours. Bless his heart!

Speaking of Spaying and Neutering... Have you neutered your pet yet?!
No better time than now!



Ypsilanti, MI


A Maine Coon/ Bengal mix. Wow! I have never seen one of those. This must be a very special kitty!

 Meet Pegasus!

One of Athena's girls, this little cutie is all play, all the time. But her antics are definitely going to keep you smiling as she gets herself in and out of trouble. Irresistible with her bengal-y looking markings and a white tip to her tail, Pegasus is just a great lot of fun. She loves to explore her world and considers everything she encounters to be a toy of some sort. So if you're looking for a sprightly little girl who's just a great big goofy ball of curiosity then Pegasus just may be your gal. She is outgoing and affectionate and just full of fun.

Athena (and all of her kittens) are exceptionally friendly and outgoing kitties. (If you come to visit, be prepared to have them exploring every inch of you and anything you might bring with. :) )

These kittens have been raised solely in one foster home from the time they came into our rescue (from an overcrowding situation) at three weeks of age. These are indoor babies who have never been outside. Handled and played with on a regular basis, these little one are very well adjusted, used to the sights and sounds of a busy household (which includes other cats and dogs) and are also very used to having fun with their visitors- including children who know how to be gentle with them.

Pegasus (and all of her littermates) are up to date on all age appropriate vaccines, are parasite free, felv/fiv negative, litterbox trained and have been dewormed. And, as we do not declaw our kitties, they are also getting used to having their toenails clipped on a regular basis.

I think Pegasus would be a great kitty to adopt! Don't you think?

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