Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lookie what I won!!!!!!! YAY!!!

 I won a Libby Dibby skirt!!! YAY!!!! I am seriously stoked about this! Go check out all the beautiful designs. The fabric choices are fabulous and too cute! Can't wait to get it!

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Jen Martakis said...

lucky lady! That is so cute!

mean mom productions said...

OKay they are so cute the skirts are...omg..I love it.lucky you!

HomeSpun Threads said...

These are cute and I order my fabrics from the same company I love them! Do you happen to know what sizes they are?

Kathy said...

This skirt reminds me of your paper that I love...I love how you share these fun etc. Have a Merry Christmas! Hugs,Kathy

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