Monday, December 28, 2009

Black Diamond Review and Giveaway!!!!

I was SO lucky to be able to try out this WOW! Wood floor cleaning system.

I have to admit I was a little hesitant. I have tried out cleaners before with little luck. A certain "Orange Glow" cleaner left my wood laminate floors gummy and gross as soon as someone walks on it. I actually had to clean it AGAIN to get the mess off of the floor! I have been using Swiffer with the cleaning pads. It works okay, but the pads are so expensive and they only last two cleanings. (We have the double mop so two pads fit on at once. I have to change it a few times while cleaning. Before you know it I have gone through half the box of cleaning pads! NOT very economical!) As far as the performance, the floor looks shiny and nice until it dries, then it's dull again.

I was so excited to get this kit in the mail. As soon as I opened it I could immediately tell the difference right away. First, the heavy duty cleaning mop is very sturdy. It makes the Swiffer mop look frail. The microfiber cleaning pad is very high quality (and washable, Holla!). I was actually excited to clean my floor. I tried to get a before and after photo but it is darn near impossible to photograph a wood laminate floor to show dirt. lol. I am no professional photographer!

Once I cleaned my floor I was in love! First, it was so easy! Just sweep to get the major dirt and dust bunnies up (don't act like you don't have dust bunnies!) then spray and mop! SIMPLE and EASY!  I watched and waited for the floor to dry to see if the shine would stay. I waited and waited...and I was so impressed to see that the floor was still shining after it dried! My floor actually LOOKED clean. In fact, when my husband came home from work he said, "Wow, you cleaned the floor. It looks great!" I love this stuff!!!! It's been over a week and my floors STILL look wonderful! I sweep every day, but I haven't had to worry about cleaning the floor again. Now THAT is awesome considering I have 3 boys, a husband and 2 dogs! lol  I wish that Black diamond made something to clean the kids and that would be absolutely perfect!

Another thing that sold me on Black Diamond products is that they are environmentally friendly AND they offer a 100% money back guarantee!!! I am going to try their Ultimate Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner 
next! I can't wait! Go to their site HERE to get cleaning tips, store locations, etc.

Go to their online store- Black Diamond products
or check out your Wal-Mart to purchase their products!


Black Diamond has generously offered to give 2 (YES 2!!!) of the
WOW! Wood floor cleaning system  to 2 of my readers (1 per winner)! YAY!!!!!
--The contest starts today and ends MONDAY JANUARY 10th.

You will have several chances to win so pay close attention! 1 comment per entry. So, if you enter 5 times you will leave 5 comments! ;)

1 entry- MANDATORY (if you don't do this, all other entries are disqualified) Go to Black Diamond online and tell me what other cleaner you would like to try OR tell me why you need this kit!!!!

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Good luck!
I can't wait to see who wins!

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