Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random pictures...

Random pictures....

Put me in coach...

Brian, He wasn't feeling well. This was the beginning of the mysterious illness. Mom says it was the swine flu, Talon says it was the "Flute". I'm going with Talon, sounds good! ;)

Chandler- my red haired nephew. Even though my son, Brian, has red hair, my brother has red hair, 2 of his kids have red hair....somehow we were all surprised that Chandler had red hair! lol! He has my blue eyes, though!!! I claim those! Brian claims the red hair. lol. He told us all along that Chandler would have red hair just like him.

He hams it up for the camera. He holds the smile for as long as you have the camera out. It turns kinda painful looking because he will literally hold the smile the WHOLE time....even if you are talking pictures of something else! lol. It is so stinking funny!

Hurry Aunt Chelle, I can't hold the smile much longer!

Brett and Talon. My, look at how big Brett is getting!

Aidan, my other nephew....the opposite of Chandler when it comes to picture taking. The one that use to run and hide when the camera came out. Now he poses like a gangsta. How proud we are. ;)

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