Saturday, April 11, 2009

I wanna learn how to sew!

I am so jealous of those crafty girls that can sew anything!
I wonder how hard it would be to learn how to sew? Hmmm.
I have been looking through Craigslist for some cheap sewing machines, but I wonder which one would be the best for someone starting out. I don't want anything expensive because I would hate to spend good money on something that I hate/can't do. lol! AND the major reason why I want a sewing machine is so that I can save money by sewing things myself.

Look at these headbands! How cute are they? If I could make these myself I would be so stoked!

How about these purses? I SOOOOO want to make these! Why didn't my Momma ever teach me to sew? Probably because she can't sew either! lol

AND AND......look at these adorable skirts! Oh, I must have them....but I don't want to spend money to buy them. If only I could make them....sigh.

Then.....I saw these crate covers. I need a crate cover terribly! Tootsie's crate is an eyesore. How cute would these be? Tootsie would be stylin! I could also make matching pillows for the couches.. if only I could sew. sigh

I could even make Baxter and Tootsie matching dog beds that would match the crate cover and the pillows. Ugh. sigh....but I can't sew. lol

Listen to me and my pity party! lol! I think I am going to make it my mission to get a sewing machine and start learning how to sew. Hey, does anyone have a spare sewing machine layin around? Or better yet...who wants to just make all this stuff for me and just send it to me. lmbo. Just kidding. ;)

My husband doesn't think that I will be able to sew. He just rolls his eyes when I whine about wanting to sew. So, I am thinking that when I learn how to sew I am going to make him and the boys matching vests. I can even make Baxter a bandanna and Tootsie a dress to match them....wait, I can make myself a skirt, purse and headband to match. Then we can all match!!!! Wait...stop me now. I am out of control. I am kidding about the vests, my husband and kids would never wear them. lol! ;)

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