Saturday, April 11, 2009

I wanna learn how to sew!

I am so jealous of those crafty girls that can sew anything!
I wonder how hard it would be to learn how to sew? Hmmm.
I have been looking through Craigslist for some cheap sewing machines, but I wonder which one would be the best for someone starting out. I don't want anything expensive because I would hate to spend good money on something that I hate/can't do. lol! AND the major reason why I want a sewing machine is so that I can save money by sewing things myself.

Look at these headbands! How cute are they? If I could make these myself I would be so stoked!

How about these purses? I SOOOOO want to make these! Why didn't my Momma ever teach me to sew? Probably because she can't sew either! lol

AND AND......look at these adorable skirts! Oh, I must have them....but I don't want to spend money to buy them. If only I could make them....sigh.

Then.....I saw these crate covers. I need a crate cover terribly! Tootsie's crate is an eyesore. How cute would these be? Tootsie would be stylin! I could also make matching pillows for the couches.. if only I could sew. sigh

I could even make Baxter and Tootsie matching dog beds that would match the crate cover and the pillows. Ugh. sigh....but I can't sew. lol

Listen to me and my pity party! lol! I think I am going to make it my mission to get a sewing machine and start learning how to sew. Hey, does anyone have a spare sewing machine layin around? Or better yet...who wants to just make all this stuff for me and just send it to me. lmbo. Just kidding. ;)

My husband doesn't think that I will be able to sew. He just rolls his eyes when I whine about wanting to sew. So, I am thinking that when I learn how to sew I am going to make him and the boys matching vests. I can even make Baxter a bandanna and Tootsie a dress to match them....wait, I can make myself a skirt, purse and headband to match. Then we can all match!!!! Wait...stop me now. I am out of control. I am kidding about the vests, my husband and kids would never wear them. lol! ;)

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Amanda Ann said...

I taught myself how to sew while I was pregnant with my daughter. I do ok, but not as good as some of those awesome things you shared!

mean mom productions said...

I can sew but not that good.

Keelianderson said...

I am a beginner who learned to sew making Rag time quilts..they are SOO easy...My husband bought me a Kenmore sewing machine for my birthday a few years back and it's great..and I also picked up a Brother sewing machine at Walmart for practically nothing and it's great too...But if you really get into sewing the Janome brand is very very nice!!! I'd love to know if you found a kennel cover pattern? I'd love to try and sew one as well. What a great idea!
Good luck on your sewing adventure..the possibilities are endless!

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