Thursday, April 02, 2009



She's our new Boston Terrier. She's two years old and adorable! We love her already. She's spoiled, so she is already fitting in well with the spoiled kids and spoiled animals! I am going to have so much fun dressing her up!!!! Here is her new collar that I ordered today. I also ordered her and Baxter some tags. Can't wait for it all to come in!

Oh, I didn't name her Tootsie, she came with that name. I tried calling her Stella, but she won't respond to me. lol. I thought it would be funny to yell "Sttttteeeeeelllllllaaaaaaa, Stttteeelllllaaa!" LMBO. Oh well. Tootsie it is. It fits her. She toots....A LOT! AND she snores, snorts and grunts! lmbo! She is so funny!

She is the same size as Baxter. They spent the entire first day smelling each others' butts and humping each other. Baxter is fixed....but no worries anyway because he was humping her side (?WTH?) She was full on going to town on him. He kept looking at me like "Mommy...are you going to let this happen?" {He was so violated and ashamed. It didn't help that it would send me into fits of laughter} I would say "Stella, you heiffer...stop it!" She wouldn't respond so I would say, "Tootsie, stop." Then she would stop. Damn, I so wanted to call her Stella. Thank God they got that out of their system already. I couldn't take much more of it.

Talon said she had Pipples, I realized he meant nipples. lmbo

Here's some more pictures--

I can't leave Baxter out- He is sporting his new haircut...looking like a big boy!

AND last but not least- CODY!! He's bigger than the dogs. It's so funny!

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