Friday, September 28, 2007

Soccer star...

This is my nephew, Aidan. I took some pictures of his soccer game... as you can see, I am no professional. lol. It was killing me watching those kids kick each other more than the ball! Holy crap, thank God for the shin guards. Watching these kids play was hilarious! One boy was extreme...he went all out EVERY time he kicked the ball. He would totally wipe out and kick that ball, like he was kicking it into the matter where he was at on the field. lol! Another boy, bless his heart, couldn't stay on his feet. He fell 100 times, I bet. Every time I looked at him, he fell. I think it was because his legs have out grown him for the moment...I think once he grows into them he will be a force to be reckoned with on the soccer field. lol! I wish my kids would play soccer. It is so fun to watch. I laughed the entire game.

Almost had! See Aidan's He was almost there!

"Hey, where's the ball?" Notice it has passed him already! lol!

Here we go! We have almost have contact with the ball. ...but I am wondering why the other boy on the same team is about to kick it in the opposite direction? lol. So funny.

"Are we done yet?"

"Hey,'s a grasshopper."

Aidan gets a well deserved break. What's funny is that they are oblivious to the The coach is obviously saying something very important.. (look at the way he is pointing at them!)

Chandler, right before the breakdown.

Alright, he has had enough. He can't understand why he can't go play soccer with bubba. Bless his heart.
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