Thursday, September 20, 2007

New design team layout!


This is what Amy wrote--

True Colors page set by Michelle Underwood (scrapbook bytes)
newspaper overlay, Corina Nielsen (Funky Playground Designs)
blue gingham ribbon (slightly recolored) Natalie Braxton, The Lily Pad
font for title, Jaspers
(can't remmeber font for journaling, it was one of the Pea ones)


It has become somewhat of a tradition to go to Build A Bear together every time
Christie and I see each other. This summer I flew out to Washington State to spend
my vacation with her and of course we went to Build A Bear while I was there.
The first time we went together was when she first moved back from Hawaii and we had
not seen
each other in over 7 years. We made a bear together that night to celebrate
her being back and us renewing our friendship. The next time, we made matching pink breast
cancer bears wearing pink Lingerie in honor of her mom.
Last year, whenshe came out to NC, we went and made big fluffy silly bears with big noses
wearing “Best Friends” tee shirts. These pretty pink princesses here are the ones we did
this year because we thought they were the very girliest ones we could make...
the girlier the better we decided, cause even though we are 30-something
working moms and wives , there’s still a little bit of the little girl that wants to be a
princess in both of us!

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