Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Make your own labels!! New at SBB store!

Make your own labels!! How fun is this!!!
4 png layers for each label... You have the first layer which is the actual base to the label, the border, the inside layer, and the journaling layer. Have fun with these, add your background... or just use the border and the journaling layer and you have a stamp!!! Add your own colors, distress whatever you want!

Make your own labels 1
Make your own labels 2
Make your own labels 3

I have sets available for personal use- ONLY $3.00...
and the COMMERCIAL USE sets are $10.00!

About the Commercial sets-
This is for designers!!! can use this in the kits you sell. I know that coming up with different elements is hard...this makes it easy! You will have a great looking custom label in no time! You can not sell the templates, only the final labels you make. ;) E-mail me at if you have any questions!

Make your own labels 1
Make your own labels 3

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