Monday, November 27, 2006

Guess what my kids brought home from their dad's house??

Scarlatina. Yeah. Poor babies.
Brett and Brian went to go visit their Dad, and Brett came back with a rash. I took him to the Urgent care clinic and they diagnosed him with scarlatina. Oh my gosh. Nothing that some antibiotics won't cure, but jeez. Then we get home (after running to the doctor and getting the script)..and I got the boys ready for a bath. Brian takes off his shirt and what do I see??? A &@#*#*@* rash! (yes I did cuss). Luckily the doc just called him in a script and we didn't have to go up there again. (which is lucky for me cuz we live in BFE) Brett swore up and down that he wasn't sick, it was just an allergic reaction to his dad's cigarette smoke. (we don't smoke, so he is not use to it). Brett is convinced he has black lung now. lol

Talon is still getting over the croup. He has been on steroids..and that has been interesting. I swear, they must have given us crack instead. It is like that boy takes a dose of crack every morning. That stuff has him crazy.......crazy and aggressive. I just got off the phone with Danny (he and Talon took a trip to Lowe's) and Danny said that Talon just beat up a box (apparently the box had a picture of a man with a rake, and Talon thought the guy was a bad guy and totally kicked his butt right in the middle of Lowe's) Ahhhh..good times.

You can't help but laugh. At least he didn't throw up. That's a plus.
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