Saturday, October 21, 2006

Poor Chandler!!

This is my nephew (he just turned 1), and my twin sister. Her husband snapped this picture a little bit ago on his camera phone and sent it to me. Ugh, it tugs at my heart strings!! He is just in the hospital to get some fluids. He has a super bad stomach bug (my sister has also been really sick) and he got dehydrated. They may be sending him home today (I hope!). He looks so pitiful...and poor Leah. Mom said the she was up all night at the hospital throwing up! I feel like a terrible sister and Aunt. I haven't gone there to visit because Talon is super sensitive to any illness, and I am afraid that he will end up in the hospital, too, if I pass the bug on to him.

Anyway. It is not a huge deal, he will be totally fine....I am just worried about the little stink bug.
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