Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ethan Charles Charity kit

Ethan Charles Charity kit is now up! You can find it here....
If you would like to contribute to this fund, you can purchase Ethan's Charity kit, or you can send cards, well wishes, etc., send me an email at . I will gather everything together and take it to the family myself. If anyone has been through this themselves, or just have some words of encouragement, condolence, please please...we would appreciate hearing from you. This family needs more than money. They need to know that others have been through this and survived...they need to hear some kind words. Even if you don't have any money to contribute, drop me an email and I will get it to them. It will mean just as much, I promise.
Here are some more previews for you....

DON'T FORGET THE COUPON BOOK THAT COMES WITH THIS KIT!!!!! You will get coupons from 10 different designers! YAY!

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